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Dover Intersection Becoming an Increasing Issue

The intersection on North and State street in downtown Dover, Delaware has been the site of several motor vehicle accidents. Within the past five and a half years, this specific intersection has encountered seven crashes. Many of the accidents have resulted in damage to nearby buildings. The Latest Crash One recent crash occurred on April[…] Read More

Summer Safety Tips to Prevent Personal Injuries

Summer is underway and that means more time spent outside taking advantage of the warm and sunny weather. Pool parties, BBQs, days spent at the beach, camping, vacations, and fireworks are all popular activities to enjoy when the weather heats up. While you may eager to enjoy all that summer has to offer, keep in[…] Read More

Philadelphia Chain Reaction Crash Involved SEPTA Bus

On Tuesday afternoon, a chain reaction crash took place in Northeast Philadelphia that involved a SEPTA bus, SUV, and paratransit vehicle. The multi-vehicle accident occurred around 1:30 pm when the paratransit vehicle slammed into the SEPTA bus and the SUV at the intersection of Bustleton and Devereaux Avenues. No life-threatening injuries accompanied the collision but[…] Read More

Woman Fatally Injured in Upper Saucon Township Motor Vehicle Crash

A woman sustained fatal injuries in a motor vehicle crash that took place in Upper Saucon Township, Pennsylvania. On Wednesday morning, around 4:36 am, the fatal accident occurred on Route 309 between a minivan and a tractor trailer. The victim who was in her late teens or early 20s was a passenger in the vehicle.[…] Read More