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Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyers Are Dedicated to Recovering Maximum Compensation for Injured Workers

Protecting Those Injured in Caught In/Between Accidents

Construction is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. Accidents related to falls from high elevations; electrocution; being struck by objects; and getting caught in/between objects cause serious and often fatal injuries to construction workers each year.

Caught in/between accidents cause some of the most serious and catastrophic injuries in this group of hazards, commonly known as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) “Fatal Four.” Workers caught in/between objects often suffer crushing injuries, limb amputations, and internal organ damage that can result in permanent disability.

The Philadelphia construction accident lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC are dedicated to helping construction workers that are injured by caught in/between accidents claim compensation for their injuries. Injuries from this type of accident often require long recovery periods that involve hospitalizations, surgery, physical therapy, and prescription medications.

The high cost of medical bills and the effect of lost wages can quickly devastate the financial health of the victim and their family.

Types of Caught In/Between Accidents

Caught in/between accidents happen when part of a worker’s body gets crushed, jammed, compressed, or stuck between two objects. Workers can also suffer injury when a limb or other area of their body is pulled into machinery with rolling and moving parts.

Construction equipment is heavy, which makes extrication difficult. Workers in this type of accident often suffer additional injuries by prolonged rescue efforts.

In 2015, 68 construction workers were killed in caught in/between accidents. That total is an increase of 33 percent over the number of caught in/between accidents that occurred in 2011. Iron workers are at the highest risk for these types of accidents.

The most common types of caught in/between accidents include:

Cave-Ins: A cave-in can happen when workers get trapped in underground work areas. Sandy soil, heavy equipment, water, weather, and vibrations from trucks and traffic can make an unstable trench or cave collapse, trapping workers in or between its sides or underneath heavy soil.

Suffocation from lack of oxygen in the area, exposure to hazardous materials, flammable gas, and toxic vapors can injure and sometimes kill those workers trapped between the trench and the surface.

Unguarded Machinery: Workers suffer catastrophic injuries when their body part, clothing, or hair get pulled between moving mechanical parts. Even when the power to the machine is stopped quickly, the worker is often caught in or between the equipment parts, which makes their initial injury more serious as recovery efforts are organized. A lack of blood flow, jagged broken bones, and reduced oxygen levels can create an even greater risk to the injured worker.

The best prevention for this type of accident is to practice safety protocols. Lockout/tagout, completely shutting off engines before servicing or inspecting, and blocking the wheels of heavy equipment can reduce the risk of being pulled into moving machinery or getting stuck between a moving vehicle and another object.

Getting Caught Between a Vehicle and an Object: Swinging cranes, construction vehicles, dump trucks, and forklifts require careful operation; but workers are often caught between these vehicles and another object when accidents happen.

Workers should be properly trained to recognize the risks of working with or around this type of equipment, and how best to prevent accidents of this nature from occurring.

Preventing Caught In/Between Accidents

The majority of caught in/between accidents in construction are preventable. Employers need to ensure that construction workers are properly trained to recognize the dangers associated with this type of accident, and how best to prevent them.

Airbill Safety Care offers the following suggestions for preventing these accidents:

  • Stay focused on the tasks at hand, as well as on the work environment.
  • Be sure to shut down equipment completely before beginning any type of maintenance, repair, or inspection.
  • Be careful not to work under an elevated structure unless it is supported by more than just a primary jack.
  • Be familiar with equipment and know where the power switches are located.
  • Inspect all equipment and machinery to ensure you know where all control switches are located, and be sure you know how each part works.
  • Make a secondary escape route in the event you should become caught in a cave-in or collapse.
  • Wear snug fitting clothing, making sure sleeves, hems, and hair are secured.

Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC Help Workers Who Were Hurt by a Caught In/Between Accident

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