What Are Strict Liability Rules for Defective Products?

Every year in the United States, people are injured by different types of products. Products that do not meet the consumer’s reasonable expectations for safety are considered defective or dangerous. Products liability law refers to a specific branch of law concerning liability when consumers are harmed by unsafe goods. In some personal injury claims, the[…] Read More

What Can I Do if the At-Fault Driver Lies about the Accident?

Car accidents are traumatic enough, but when the other driver lies about what happened, you may feel victimized a second time. Sadly, that feeling will continue throughout the next several weeks to months if the insurance companies believe the other driver’s account. You could end up shouldering the blame, be responsible for their vehicle and[…] Read More

How Can Construction Workers Stay Safe in Winter?

Many people have jobs that require extended periods spent outdoors and exposed to the elements. Winter weather can make outdoor work especially dangerous. The combination of potential precipitation and extremely cold temperature can be deadly for improperly equipped workers.  Most employers provide workers with equipment and gear to handle outdoor work. Many workers also purchase[…] Read More

Is Legalized Marijuana Causing More Car Accidents?

Many states have passed laws or ballot measures legalizing the use of recreational marijuana. Even more states have legalized medical-use marijuana for certain approved conditions to help patients cope.  However, marijuana is still a drug that can alter the workings of your brain, potentially slowing down your reaction time. Driving while high can create a[…] Read More

How Does a Workers’ Compensation Settlement Work?

Every employer in the state of Delaware with one or more employees must carry Workers’ Compensation insurance. This insurance provides benefits to employees who become ill or injured because of their employment. The illness or injury must be directly related to the performance of the job.  Statistics reveal that nearly three million employees nationwide were[…] Read More

What Are Some Safe Driving Tips for the Holidays?

Although traffic decreased substantially during the height of the pandemic, our nation’s roads and highways were traveled heavily over the recent Thanksgiving holiday, and more of the same is expected for Christmas and New Year’s. AAA estimates that 107 million Americans could be traveling during the Christmas/New Year’s holidays from December 23 to January 1,[…] Read More