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Judge Approves Short-Form Complaint in Philadelphia Paraquat Mass Tort

After months of disagreement over case management, the plaintiffs in Philadelphia’s mass tort over the herbicide Paraquat can finally proceed with litigation. On March 29, 2023, Judge Abbe Fletman of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas approved a short-form complaint for the litigation. Plaintiffs may now file their cases directly in the Paraquat mass tort program,[…] Read More

What if I Was Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident at an Airport?

Airports have many people passing through them. The continual movement of people increases the likelihood of dangerous conditions that could lead to slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents could occur in many different areas of airports, such as restrooms, food courts, passenger boarding areas, and even outside in parking lots. When a slip[…] Read More

Multiple Victims Hospitalized After Head-On Crash in Cherry Hill

On Tuesday, April 11, 2023, several victims were taken to a nearby trauma center following a head-on collision in Cherry Hill, New Jersey according to local officials. The crash occurred on Haddonfield Road in Cherry Hill, prompting the response of three Cherry Hill Fire Department ambulances and a mutual aid ambulance from Haddonfield. Four Cherry[…] Read More

What if You Slip and Fall on an Icy Sidewalk in Front of Someone’s Home?

When weather conditions deteriorate and there is ice on the ground, slip and fall accidents can easily happen, and sidewalks can be treacherous. Even when people are careful, they can end up slipping on ice. When weather forecasters predict winter storms, property owners should salt their sidewalks before the precipitation starts and redo it as[…] Read More

What if I Had a Slip and Fall Accident at a Resort?

Accidents can happen anytime, including during vacations. Resorts are often large properties with a myriad of areas accessible to guests, many of them with environments requiring different kinds of care and maintenance for safety purposes, such as swimming areas, beaches, or ski trails. Slip and fall accidents are common at resorts, with injuries ranging from[…] Read More