How can I Drive Safely on Highways?

For some people, getting on the highways can be anxiety inducing. Whether in stop-and-go traffic during rush hour or other times when traffic is flowing at higher speeds, some people just dislike driving on highways. This is understandable. Some of the most tragic car accidents occur on highways. Because drivers can travel faster, when collisions[…] Read More

How has the Pandemic Affected Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation is insurance coverage that most employers are required to carry. This insurance provides missed income and medical bill reimbursement coverage for workers who get injured on the job. When thinking of workplace injuries, most people assume construction and other hazardous work is the only type of work that would qualify for Workers’ Compensation.[…] Read More

Are Ridesharing Services Reducing Drunk Driving Accidents?

Although most people tend to drive responsibly, too many motorists choose to drive while under the influence of alcohol.  Alcohol impacts different people in different ways.  Obvious signs of impairment from alcohol include slurring words, speaking incoherently, and difficulty with coordination. Yet, a person can be too drunk to drive without showing these obvious symptoms.[…] Read More