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Can My Insurance Company Deny My Car Accident Claim?

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Insurance companies evaluate claims based on various factors, including the terms of your policy, state laws, and the circumstances surrounding the car accident. While you may expect them to have your back in times of need, they may deny your claim, leaving you in frustration and uncertainty.

Can My Insurance Company Deny My Car Accident Claim If I Am Not At Fault?

Many individuals assume that if they are not at fault for the accident, their insurance company will automatically cover the damages. However, that is not always the case.

Your insurance company may deny your claim if they believe there is insufficient evidence to support your innocence or if they suspect fraudulent activity. Additionally, failing to report the accident promptly or providing incomplete or inaccurate information may give your insurer grounds for a denial.

What Are Common Reasons for Car Accident Claim Denials?

Some of the common reasons insurance companies deny car accident claims include:

  • Policy exclusions: Some policies exclude specific types of accidents or circumstances, like driving under the influence or using your vehicle for commercial purposes. Your insurer may deny coverage if your claim falls within one of these exclusions. You should read your exclusions carefully before initiating a claim.
  • Lack of coverage: If your policy has lapsed due to non-payment or lacks adequate coverage for the damages claimed, your insurer may deny your claim. Read your policy every six months to ensure that it is up-to-date.
  • Disputes over liability: Insurance companies may dispute liability, especially in cases where fault is unclear or contested. If the other party involved in the accident disputes your version of events or if there are conflicting witness statements or evidence, your claim could be denied.
  • Failure to follow procedures: Insurance policies often have specific procedures that policyholders must follow when filing a claim. Two examples include failing to report the accident within a specified time frame or obtaining necessary documentation.

What Should I Do If My Car Accident Claim Is Denied?

If your car accident claim is denied, do not panic. While insurance claim denials can be frustrating, they are not necessarily the final word. You have options to appeal the decision and potentially overturn it.

Carefully review your insurance policy to understand the reasons for the denial and determine if there are any grounds for appeal based on your coverage. You can also collect additional evidence supporting your claim, like witness statements, photographs of the accident scene, or expert opinions. This evidence can strengthen your case during the appeals process.

To file an appeal, follow the procedures outlined by your insurance company. Provide any information requested and clearly articulate why you believe the denial should be overturned.

If you encounter difficulties with the appeals process or believe your insurer is acting in bad faith, consult an experienced car accident lawyer. With the right approach, they can increase your chances of securing the compensation you need to recover from a car accident.

Contact Our Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC for Trusted Legal Guidance With Insurance Claim Denials

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