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How Will the Switch to 5G Impact My Vehicle’s Safety Features?

Wireless carriers are shutting down their 3G networks to free up mobile bandwidth to upgrade to the state-of-the-art 5G wireless technology, which is much faster and more reliable. However, while the newer, more advanced technology certainly has its benefits, it also means that millions of connected vehicles that rely on 3G technology will lose key[…] Read More

Are Roundabouts Reducing Accidents in Pennsylvania?

Intersections are among the most frequent locations for car accidents. Traffic often flows in four different directions at intersections, and those traffic flows cross the paths of two others. Pennsylvania is undertaking a significant improvement of road intersections to make them much safer. Roundabouts across the state are replacing many intersections. You likely have at[…] Read More

Are Teenagers More Likely to Be Involved in Car Accidents?

Achieving the milestone of getting a driver’s license can be a proud moment for teenagers and their parents. However, pride is only one of the feelings that kick in for parents of newly licensed teenage drivers. There are also valid concerns for the safety of their children. Additionally, there may be questions involving parents’ liability[…] Read More

Do Serious Injuries Occur in Parking Lot Accidents?

Parking lots are chaotic locations. With vehicles traveling in different directions and pedestrians walking in and out of cars, it is no surprise that parking lots are the sites of thousands of car accidents every year in this country. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 91,000 people are injured annually in parking[…] Read More