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Compassionate Philadelphia Sports Injury Lawyers Understand Athlete Injuries can be Heartbreaking

Holding Schools, Athletic Organizations, Sports Facilities and Directors Responsible When an Injury Due to Negligence Occurs While Playing Sports

While sports provide an outlet for active children and help people of all ages stay in shape, sports can sometimes pose a significant risk when the people responsible for the sport do not take proper precautions to protect athletes and participants. In fact, millions of athletes, including young athletes and professionals alike, suffer sports-related injuries every year in the United States. Some of the injuries are so serious they lead to lifelong consequences, or even death.

The Philadelphia sports injury lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC have more than 30 years of combined experience representing injured victims and their families. We represent the legal interests of athletes, regardless of age in pursuing the financial recovery you need.

What if I Signed a Waiver?

If you broach the subject of a sports-related injury with the party who you believe was responsible for negligent or reckless behavior, the first defense you may encounter is a reminder that you signed a waiver releasing them of any and all liability. While a waiver or release of liability form may provide some legal protections to the entity or party responsible for the injury, this is not an absolute defense. Instead, whether such a waiver is enforceable depends on a number of specific facts.

Generally, the waiver must include clear language and outline the potential risks. Any liability that is being waived for negligence should also be included in a clear provision. While ordinary negligence may be waived, wanton, willful or intentional behavior is not usually able to be waived. A court may also evaluate whether the person who signed the waiver had a real opportunity to read, understand and sign it. Additionally, the type of injury that was ultimately sustained is relevant in this analysis. If neither party contemplated the type of injury that was actually suffered, the waiver may not be enforceable.

While signing a waiver may adversely affect your legal rights, this scenario requires a careful analysis of the particular circumstances involved in the case. Our experienced Philadelphia sports injury lawyers use thorough research and strong analytical skills to brief the court on why such a waiver should not be enforced. We cite relevant decisions from this, or other jurisdictions, public policy arguments and specific information related to the particular case to persuade the court to rule in the victim’s favor on this important legal issue.

What Types of Injuries are Related to Sports Accidents?

Common sports-related injuries include:

Many of these injuries are serious and require intensive medical treatment and ongoing rehabilitation. A simple injury from a sport can forever change the future of an athlete, requiring him or her to relearn basic life skills, redevelop cognitive abilities and possibly lose out on a future in sports. When sports-related injuries seriously affect a player, our seasoned Philadelphia sports injury lawyers aggressively pursue the responsible party or parties that caused the accident.

Preserve Your Legal Rights by Contacting a Philadelphia Sports Injury Lawyer Today

Philadelphia has a strict statute of limitations of two years for personal injury cases. Waiting too long after an accident can adversely affect your legal rights. Contact our experienced Philadelphia sports injury lawyers today at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC by calling 215-569-8488 or submitting the online form. Our Philadelphia offices are conveniently located across from City Hall and easily accessible by subway, trolley and train. We also have offices in Abington, Media, Wilmington and Haddonfield. We serve clients throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.