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We Hold Reckless Drivers Accountable for Injuries They Cause

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT) most recent Crash Facts and Statistics report, 85 to 90 percent of traffic accidents are caused by driver error. This includes reckless driving, which are moving violations where drivers show a disregard for safety. Ignoring or forgetting rules such as speed limits and no-passing lines are behaviors that cause crashes, injuries, and fatalities.

One study analyzed data on Pennsylvania drivers from age 16 to 65 and up. The age group with the largest number involved in crashes was 40 to 54, with 40,900 involved in accidents in one year. This could be due to the fact that younger and older drivers spend reduced time on the roads, with less time to exhibit reckless actions. When caught, all offenders can face costly fines, driver’s license points or suspension, higher insurance rates, and even jail time.

Examples of Reckless Driving

There are many kinds of reckless driving, and they are often seen in combination. Examples include:

Any driver that spends time on the road on any given day is likely to see an example of reckless driving. Whether it be someone texting, tailgating, or running a red light, these are all against the law, and motorists will serve themselves well to be alert to these behaviors at all times.

Not Paying Attention

Distracted drivers may not intentionally cause crashes, but their lack of attention can be dangerous and deadly. Cell phones are a main factor, but eating, arguing with a passenger, checking on a pet, or simple daydreaming at the wheel is also risky. Road signs, police activity, and other distractions along the roads also compete for driver attention and take eyes away from the road ahead.

More aggressive reckless driving involves intentional actions such as speeding, unsafe passing, tailgating, failing to yield, and running red lights. These drivers are easier to spot, but both kinds should be avoided at all costs. Motorists seen texting, failing to obey traffic signs, and exhibiting other reckless acts should be given extra room.

Reckless Driving and Personal Injury Cases

Individuals hurt in reckless driving crashes may be able to pursue personal injury cases. These claims permit victims to be compensated for their injuries. Medical expenses such as emergency room and hospital costs, continuing treatment, rehab, and future treatment may be included. There can also be additional compensation for damages such as lost wages for not being able to work, pain and suffering, and wrongful death.

Ways to Avoid Reckless Driving

Most people realize the dangers of talking and texting while driving, but a simple action like putting the phone on “do not disturb” removes the temptation to use it. Other easy ways to avoid distraction include making a rule to never eat while driving and keeping music on low volume. It goes without saying that alcohol and drug use while driving are illegal, so having a designated driver and understanding prescription drug side effects are both equally important.

Although the Crash Facts and Statistics report shows that middle-aged drivers are more likely to be involved in reckless driving crashes, other age groups can also benefit from safety tips targeted toward them. Younger drivers have less experience and may not have the discipline to follow the laws and focus on the road. Parents can help by spending extra hands-on time teaching their teens how to drive. Reminding them frequently about safe behaviors and the importance of avoiding cell phones, alcohol and drugs while driving are also essential parent responsibilities.

Older drivers may become less safety-conscious and reckless as they age, depending on their health and abilities. Relatives can help by riding with them and gauging reaction times, ability to focus, and any unusual or unsafe actions. In some cases, it may be time to find an alternate means of transposition for safety’s sake.

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