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Philadelphia SEPTA Accident Lawyers

Public Transportation has a Responsibility to Keep its Customers and Other Travelers Safe

The Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is the sixth largest public transit network in the country, providing 337.3 million rides on its buses, trains, subways and other vehicles in 2013 alone. That means if every citizen of the United States took one ride on the SEPTA in one year, you’d still be 20 million rides short. With so many customers and repeat riders on its vehicles, when something goes wrong, it can affect many people, not to mention the other drivers and commuters that share the roads and travel lanes with those vehicles. That’s why the Philadelphia SEPTA accident lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC believe it is important to hold SEPTA accountable when something does go wrong and injuries occur.

Common Mass Transportation Accidents and Injuries

With hundreds of vehicles on the road and rails putting hundreds of thousands of man hours of travel time in, accidents are inevitable. As a commuter, transit customer or traveler that comes in proximity to public transportation, it’s important to understand the risk these vehicles can pose.

  • When a train or subway car leaves the tracks, it can not only be a jarring experience, causing falls, broken bones and concussions; it can also lead to further damages as cars collide with one another or traffic lanes are blocked by the stopped train.
  • When a public transit vehicle hits another vehicle, either SEPTA-owned or not, everyone on board is at risk of injuries from both the initial impact and any damage to the vehicles, such as broken glass or twisted metal.
  • Pedestrian hit. A big part of public transit is stopping to pick up passengers, which unfortunately puts these high capacity vehicles in areas with high foot traffic, increasing the risk of hitting or running over a pedestrian and causing serious injury or death.
  • Sudden stops or turn. If a driver isn’t paying attention and has to make a sudden maneuver to avoid an accident, the passengers can be thrown around the cabin unexpectedly. Because most public transit vehicles don’t require safety restraints, the risk of injury is even greater.

Filing an Injury Claim Against SEPTA in Pennsylvania

In the event of a public transit accident, the Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority will often offer passengers a pre-emptive settlement deal to cover initial medical costs. This can seem tempting when facing an emergency room bill, but contact our Philadelphia accident attorneys first. You may be eligible for much more compensation depending on the extent of your injuries and suffering. Our legal team works hard to build a convincing case to win the maximum payout from SEPTA. Our accident attorneys have extensive experience handling SEPTA accident cases with successful results.

If You Have Been Involved in a SEPTA Accident, Let Our Philadelphia SEPTA Accident Lawyers Secure the Compensation You Need

If you’ve been injured while riding public transportation in Southeast Pennsylvania, don’t get lost in the shuffle. You have a right to full compensation for your injuries, suffering and monetary loss. For a free consultation, call our experienced Philadelphia SEPTA accident lawyers today at 215-569-8488 or contact us online. The Philadelphia office of McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC is located across from City Hall in Philadelphia. And if you cannot come to us for any reason, we can come to you. We represent clients throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.