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Speeding is a Major Factor in Serious Crashes

People who drive recklessly and exceed speed limits can be as much of a threat as drunk drivers. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reports that during a 10-year period, almost the same amount of people lost their lives from speeding accidents as ones involving DUI drivers. It is a known fact: the faster one drives, the more likely they are to crash. Moreover, the laws of physics dictate that a faster a vehicle is driving, the longer it will take to stop.

Speeding decreases the driver’s ability to control their vehicle and lessens the effectiveness of safety belts and car seats. It also causes more severe injuries to the drivers and passengers involved in a car accident. Some may be surprised to learn that driving too slow is also dangerous; it can block traffic and cause other drivers to behave aggressively.

What causes drivers to speed? Truth is, many drivers do not even realize what their odometers are showing. Going even a few miles over the limit, especially in poor weather conditions or near construction, can be hazardous. Many motorists travel too fast because they are late for a meeting, work, school, or somewhere else they need to be. Traffic congestion may also lead to aggressive driving, as people become frustrated and angry at the situation. Being enclosed in a vehicle also makes drivers’ identities unknown to others, and this anonymity leads them to behave badly without as much fear of being caught.

Crash-Related Injuries

Speeding accident crashes can be life-threatening or fatal. They can lead to back, neck, head, and brain injuries; burns and amputations; paralysis; internal organ damage and bleeding; and broken bones. At-fault drivers may leave the scene before police arrive, which can make matters worse. If they are found liable, they may be responsible for victims’ injuries and property damage. Speeding tickets are not always enough to prove fault in these cases, though.

Reacting to Speeders

Anyone encountering an unsafe driver needs to remain calm. If it is a speeder, others should give them plenty of room. It is not a contest to see who can drive faster; these drivers are dangerous and should be avoided. Allowing them to pass by slowing down a bit or changing lanes is a safe choice. They often tailgate, so moving over as soon as it is safe is important.

When speeders lose control of their vehicles, they can mistakenly swerve into other lanes, objects like medians, and oncoming traffic. In some cases, the cars or trucks cause rollovers. Speeding drivers should be reported to the police, especially if they are traveling at high speeds and acting aggressively.

Catching Speeders

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and local law enforcement agencies target speeders with radar and laser, and also follow cars sometimes. Speed cameras can also be effective, but most states do not employ them on highways, and this is where people drive the fastest. The NTSB also reports that states that have increased their highway speed limits have experienced additional speeding-related deaths.

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