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Philadelphia Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers With a Record of Success in ATV/Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Our Mission is to Obtain Maximum Compensation for You and Your Family

Pennsylvania’s numerous trails, roadways and open areas are a prime location for adults, teens and younger children to enjoy ATV rides. As the weather changes, snowmobiles are often seen on these terrains. While these activities have solidified themselves in the memories of many Philadelphia residents, they can be risks. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that an estimated 99,600 ATV-related accidents resulted in treatment in emergency rooms in 2013. About 25 percent of these injuries were sustained by children younger than 16. Tragically, 426 people lost their lives in the same year because of ATV-related accidents.

When another party’s negligence or recklessness causes injury to others, the leading Philadelphia accident lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC are often called. Our attorneys have a reputation for aggressively pursuing the compensation that victims and families deserve while providing compassionate representation.

Understanding Pennsylvania Law

ATV and recreational vehicle accident cases can be complex and involve many different parties, from the child driver of the device to the property or equipment owner, to rental facilities. Our attorneys carefully analyze the circumstances involved in each case. Some laws that may apply to these types of cases include:

  • No child under 16 years of age is permitted to drive on land not owned by his or her parent unless the child has completed an ATV safety training course, or is participating in a course under the direct supervision of a certified ATV safety instructor.
  • No child under 16 years of age can legally cross a highway or ride on this type of roadway unless an adult is riding with them and the child has a safety certificate.
  • No driver should ride an ATV on the road unless it is designated as an ATV-permissible road or the driver must cross.
  • All drivers must have a lighted headlight and taillight while operating a vehicle when objects of 500 feet or more ahead are not clearly visible.

We Ease Victims’ Suffering

Our Philadelphia injury lawyers have seen firsthand the devastating effects of ATV and recreational accident injuries. In 2013 alone, 112 people died ATV accidents in Philadelphia. Victims fortunate enough to survive these serious accidents still suffered from severe injuries including:

These serious injuries often result in long-lasting effects, especially for children whose bodies are still developing. In order to recover the maximum compensation for your claim, it is important to rely on the services of a legal professional trained in the art of negotiation who can ensure that funds are available to help provide for future medical expenses and properly compensate the victim.

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At McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC, our Philadelphia ATV and recreational vehicle accident lawyers have more than 26 years of combined experience representing victims injured in accidents, including those injured on ATVs and recreational vehicles. We have seen first-hand the struggles our clients endure when a fun recreational activity results in lifelong injuries. Rely on our seasoned Philadelphia personal injury lawyers to seek for maximum compensation for your injury claim. Contact us for a free consultation at 215-569-8488 or 302-888-1221.