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Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyers Fight for Workers Injured in Defective Equipment Accidents

Providing Dedicated Service to Injured Construction Workers Throughout Pennsylvania

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous lines of work in the United States. Construction accidents happen for many reasons, but when they happen due to defective equipment, serious injuries and even death can result. Construction workers that suffer the consequences of defective equipment also suffer financial burdens due to costly medical bills and lost wages.

The Philadelphia construction accident lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC advocate for the safety of construction workers. Defective equipment accidents can have devastating results, but those responsible for the defective equipment can be held liable for injuries suffered when these accidents happen.

Causes of Defective Equipment Accidents

Heavy equipment such as bulldozers, backhoes, front loaders, excavators, cranes, and dump trucks are commonly used in the construction industry. These allow workers to perform digs and carry heavy loads. Power tools and heavy machinery are also common tools of the trade.

Unfortunately, when accidents happen, workers typically suffer serious and often fatal injuries. Defective construction equipment puts operators, workers, and even bystanders at risk for catastrophic consequences.

Defective construction equipment is often the result of negligence or carelessness of a manufacturer, distributor, marketer, retailer, or mechanic. Product liability laws protect workers that are injured by defective equipment, and allows them to hold those responsible for the defects liable for their injuries.

There are many causes of defective equipment. The most common include:

Defects in the Design of the Equipment: Workers that are injured by equipment that is poorly designed, or is missing safety features that could help protect workers and operators from injury, can bring a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the equipment.

Manufacturing or Material Defects: When careless or negligent mistakes happen in the processing and manufacturing of construction equipment, accidents can happen. Workers injured by defective products can sue the manufacturer or distributor responsible for the defects.

Lack of Warnings: Dangerous construction equipment needs to have warning labels strategically placed and visible to workers. When dangerous equipment is not properly labeled, accidents can happen that could have been prevented with proper warning.

Heavy equipment must also have operating instructions, emergency shut-off notices, and safety protocols posted on or near the equipment.

Common Types of Defective Equipment Accidents and Injuries

The most common types of defective equipment accidents in construction include:

  • Crane accidents
  • Nail gun accidents
  • Excavator accidents
  • Bulldozer accidents
  • Compactor accidents
  • Forklift accidents
  • Accidents involving saws and cutting blades
  • Electronic tools, such as nail guns and welding equipment

Injuries from these types of accidents are often debilitating, and can result in surgeries, hospitalizations, prescription medications, therapy, and ongoing medical attention.

The most common injuries from defective equipment include:

What to do in the Event you are Injured by Defective Equipment

It may be assumed that those injured on the job by a defective or dangerous piece of equipment can collect Workers’ Compensation benefits and compensation for medical bills and lost wages. When it appears that an accident is clearly the result of a defective piece of equipment, this adds a third-party products liability claim to the mix, making it essential to contact a Philadelphia construction accident lawyer.

Proving that a piece of equipment is defective can be tricky, and many big equipment manufacturers and distributors are prepared to fight claims brought against them.

Evidence is vital in proving that an injury occurred from a defective product. Pictures from the site of the accident, medical records documenting injuries, and witness testimony can help ensure you claim the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to receive.

Product liability laws can be tricky, and often overwhelming to those unfamiliar with them.

Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC Help Injured Construction Workers Claim Compensation

Construction workers face the risk of serious and sometimes fatal injuries each day. Injuries or death caused by defective equipment are highly preventable, and victims can hold those responsible liable.

If you or someone you know has been injured or killed in a defective equipment accident, call the Philadelphia construction accident lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC at 215-569-8488 or contact us online to schedule a consultation today. We Serve clients throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.