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What to Do if You Are in a Car Accident While on Vacation?

A Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC Will Help You After a Vacation Accident

If you are injured in a vacation car accident in Pennsylvania, you will be subject to that state’s laws. In addition to getting the medical help you need, you must also have legal counsel and advice from an experienced lawyer where the accident happened. Here are things to do if you have been involved in a car accident on vacation in Pennsylvania.

Get Information at the Scene of the Accident

You must get as much information as possible at the accident scene. Since you do not live in the area, you may be unable to return when convenient. Further, you may not have the investigative skills to obtain evidence for your accident. However, you cannot perform an extensive investigation on your own, especially when you are in a different state.

Call a Police Officer to the Scene

You should always ensure that law enforcement comes to the accident scene. The accident report the officer generates could be a beneficial starting point for your lawyer when they investigate your crash. While it is always critical to get documentation, the need is even more important when the accident happened when you were out of town.

Inform Your Insurance Company

You should contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident. Some parts of your insurance coverage can help when you are away from home. For example, you may need to remain in a hotel or get a rental car to help you return home. You may have coverage under your policy, and your insurance company can inform you of your available benefits.

Try to Get Medical Treatment Where the Accident Happened

In addition, you should try to get medical treatment in the state where you were injured before you return home. If possible, go to an emergency room or urgent care before you leave the state. If you leave to travel before seeking medical care, the insurance company may claim that you made your health condition worse.  Once home, you should follow up with your doctor and begin receiving treatment for your injuries.

Get a Lawyer for Your Legal Case

Having a lawyer to obtain evidence and information for you is best. The laws of whatever jurisdiction the car accident happened in will control your claim. For example, comparative or contributory negligence rules may differ depending on the state. It is vital to know the law where you have been injured and where you may be filing a lawsuit.

Lawyers are only allowed to practice in jurisdictions where they are licensed. If you were in a car accident outside of Pennsylvania, a local lawyer may be unable to help. You must contact a lawyer in the state where you were injured so they can fully represent you in the legal process.

A Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC Will Help You After a Vacation Accident

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