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When Can You Sue a Restaurant for a Slip and Fall?

Restaurant slip and falls typically involve spilled food or drink that has not been cleaned, torn carpets, broken tiles, uneven sidewalks or pavement outside the restaurant, and poor lighting in parking lots. Restaurant owners have a legal duty of care to their patrons and must keep their premises safe or post warnings about any existing[…] Read More

What Should I Do If I am Injured by a Co-Worker?

Every year, more than 4.6 million workplace injuries are reported across the United States. Slip and falls and other types of work accidents occur for a variety of reasons. Malfunctioning equipment, poor training, and a lack of proper protective equipment are just a few. However, a co-worker can even cause another employee’s injury. What recourse[…] Read More

Bankers Sitting for Too Long and Other Hazards  

Each year approximately three million workplace injuries are reported. When we think of different professions and industries with a proclivity for risk, we tend to think of things such as construction companies or moving companies. We cannot imagine that bankers and bank employees would have many risks. But for these individuals there is one particular[…] Read More

Green Construction is Not Without Hazards

Green jobs are jobs associated with building technology that is intended to benefit the environment. This can include jobs associated with building more fuel-efficient and lower-emission cars, or construction jobs associated with “green” buildings and homes. Green initiatives are everywhere in the news right now. Builders are focusing on housing that is more environmentally friendly.[…] Read More

Retail Employee Accidents

As retail outlets get bigger and bigger, the percentage of retail workers getting injured on the job and filing Workers’ Compensation claims has increased. Further, big box stores that resemble warehouses can present hazards like large items falling from shelves, forklift accidents, and worse. A Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report from 2016 showed that[…] Read More

Not All Electrical Worker Injuries Involve Electricity

It is an electrified world, and few of us are more than a few inches from enough current to kill us. But the fact is, electricians and other construction workers face other dangers in the job than just electricity. Insurance companies categorize injuries to electricians in four ways, starting with electrocution but including falls, caught-in,[…] Read More

Home Remodeling Injuries  

The summer months are ideal for tackling those home improvement projects on your to-do list. Unfortunately, sometimes with home renovations come painful mishaps. Working with ladders, electrical equipment, heavy tools, and sharp objects can be hazardous – even for the most seasoned home contractor. Here are some of the most common construction injuries both do-it-yourselfers[…] Read More