Common Car Accident Injuries

More than 17,000 motor vehicle crashes are reported to the police each day. Most car accidents only cause property damage, but many of them result in personal injury. There are many factors affecting the probability of getting into a car accident. More people crash their vehicles on Saturday than any other day of the week. On weekdays, car accidents are more likely to happen during evening rush hour.

The physical and financial toll of car accidents is significant. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), car accident victims collectively spend more than one million days in the hospital each year. That can mean high medical bills, as well as lost wages, not to mention the added stress of pain and suffering and dealing with insurance companies and vehicle repairs.

Car accident injuries range from minor cuts and bruises to devastating, life-altering medical conditions, including paralysis and traumatic brain injury. Soft tissue injuries are common, resulting in damage to tendons, muscles, and/or ligaments. Victims may also experience penetrating injuries, such as cuts from shattered glass or contact with other objects on impact. Car accident victims may suffer cuts or scrapes when airbags deploy on impact.

Types of Car Accident Injuries

Philadelphia car accident lawyers describe the most common types of car accident injuries

Serious car accident injuries include, but are not limited to, the following:

Arm and leg injuries: When another vehicle or object slams into a car during a side-impact collision, the arms, and legs of passengers or drivers may be pressed against the car door. Drivers and passengers can also suffer serious knee injuries if they hit the dashboard or the seat in front of them during a head-on collision. Some arm and leg injuries are devastating enough to warrant surgery or even amputation.

Chest injuries: Chest injuries in a car accident may range from minor bruises to broken ribs and internal bleeding. Drivers may be susceptible to chest injuries caused by hitting the steering wheel. A sudden, forceful impact may also cause severe bruising to drivers or passengers wearing shoulder harnesses.

Spinal cord injuries: Car accidents are a major cause of spinal cord injuries in the United States. Spinal cord injuries include both neck and back injuries. Injuries to the neck affect the cervical vertebrae of the spine. Injuries to the upper back affect the thoracic vertebrae, and they are typically the most serious, potentially causing permanent nerve damage. Strains and sprains of the lower back can be very painful and restrict movement, as can herniated discs. Car accident victims who suffer from spinal cord injuries may also develop further complications, including spinal fluid leaks, blood clots, and pneumonia.

Traumatic brain injury: Severe impact to the head may cause swelling inside the skull; if the fluid and tissue inside the head are severely injured, brain damage can result. Unfortunately, it may take months for symptoms of traumatic brain injury to be fully noticeable. Other types of head injuries include lacerations and bruising when the head hits a side window or steering wheel.

Whiplash: Sudden movement of the head or neck during a crash can severely stretch muscles and ligaments in the neck and upper back, causing a specific type of soft tissue injury commonly known as whiplash.

The speed of the vehicle has a significant effect on the severity of the injury. If the person was wearing a shoulder harness and/or a seat belt, the chances of serious injury can be reduced. Studies have shown that the risk of spinal cord injury can be significantly reduced using seat belts in combination with airbags. Defensive driving and avoiding alcohol or drugs before getting behind the wheel can also help prevent car accident injuries.

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