Types of Car Accidents

Each time a person drives, they are faced with countless variables. There are a variety of motor vehicles; routes, including back streets and major highways; and weather conditions that can impact driving conditions. These countless contributing factors are why there are so many car accidents. Motor vehicle crashes happen within seconds and can lead to lifelong consequences, including permanent disabilities, fatalities, and debt. Most car accidents occur less than 25 miles from drivers’ homes. There are different types of accidents that drivers can be involved in, including the following:

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are the most common type of car accident. These are often caused by tailgating, but can also happen when the person in front suddenly slows down drastically or slams on their brakes. The driver that is hit from the back may end up with whiplash, back injuries, and other problems caused by the impact. In most of these accidents, the driver of the car that hit the other one is held liable.

Side-Impact Collisions

Also referred to as T-bone accidents, side-impact collisions occur when one vehicle hits another one from the side. These happen most often in parking lots, when two cars pass on highways, and at intersections. The severity of these accidents varies and depends on how fast the cars were going and the part of the car that was hit. If one car was stopped and the other was speeding, the result could be devastating. If both cars were moving, it may be considered a sideswipe accident with less damage and injuries.

Rollovers and Head-on Collisions

These accidents are often seen on television and in movies, but when they happen in real life, they are frightening and can be fatal. In a rollover, one or more cars will flip onto the roof or sides. SUVs and other vehicles that have high centers of gravity are more prone to rollovers, especially when speeding.

Head-on collisions are also traumatic and cause more damage if the drivers are speeding. In some cases, they are caused by one vehicle encountering a road obstacle, such as an animal crossing the street, a pole, or large debris.

Single versus Multi-Vehicle Collisions

Single-vehicle crashes can also happen if a driver sideswipes another car, hits a pedestrian, or runs off the road. Some contributing factors include reckless driving, inexperience, poor weather conditions, and driver distractions. When more than two vehicles are involved, it can be devastating for the parties involved and difficult for insurance companies to settle. These pileups happen more frequently on highways and other busy roads.

Accident Injuries and Settlements

Depending on the severity of the impact, car accident injuries can range from minor bumps and bruises to death. The legal ramifications can become complex, especially with serious injuries and if more than one vehicle was involved. Victims may be able to receive compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and physical and mental pain caused by the accident. It is important to remember that some injuries do not present themselves until time has passed. Even if someone is treated in an emergency room and released after the accident, they may experience symptoms days, weeks, or months later from an undiagnosed injury caused by the crash.

This is why it is a good idea to avoid quick settlements from insurance companies. If injuries show up afterward, it will not be possible to ask that insurance company to provide compensation for these additional costs. In cases where an insurance company offers a settlement after a car accident, it is helpful to contact a knowledgeable car accident lawyer for experienced counsel.

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