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Car Accident Injuries

A car accident is never a minor event, especially when serious or fatal injuries occur. The physical and emotional scars of a car accident can be life altering and may require a long recovery period. Medical bills, lost wages, and the emotional trauma related to the accident can cause a serious financial crisis for a victim and their family.

The Delaware car accident lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC have a long history of successful results for our clients injured in car accidents.

Delaware car accident lawyers describe common car accident injuriesCommon Types of Car Accident Injuries

There are a wide variety of injuries a person might suffer in a car accident. While some are relatively minor, many can be debilitating, and require a lengthy recovery.

Some common injuries include:

Brain Injuries: Traumatic brain injury is one of the most common types of injury in rear-end and head-on collisions. Upon impact, drivers and passengers in the car can be thrust forward with a great deal of force, and then pushed backwards as the vehicle comes to a stop. The soft tissue of the brain can hit the inside of the skull in both the frontal portion and the rear portion, causing significant damage to those areas.

Victims of traumatic brain injury (TBI) often suffer cognitive consequences such as speech problems; mobility issues; coordination, memory loss, and neurological impediments. Recovery requires long periods of rest, cognitive therapy, and retraining of the brain to do everyday tasks such as cooking, bathing, and household chores. Some victims may be unable to work due to cognitive impairment.

Broken Bones and Spinal Injuries: Broken bones and spinal injuries are common in all types of car accidents. Fractures of facial and cranial bones, shoulder and neck areas, arms and legs, and the rib cage can cause a host of peripheral complications to the surrounding nerves and organs.

When vertebrate in the spinal column are fractured, paralysis can occur, leaving victims with lifelong disabilities and pain. The financial consequences of recovering from these types of injuries can be catastrophic.

Surgical intervention is often necessary to repair shattered bones and bones with multiple breaks. Rods, screws, and joint replacements may be necessary to stabilize these bones as they heal.

In severe cases, where several areas of the body suffer fractures, long hospitalizations and rehabilitation may be required. Pain management and physical therapy are often a challenge for victims in this type of situation.

Whiplash: Whiplash is a type of injury that is typically associated with car accidents. It occurs when there is a sudden impact or blow to the head and neck causing a forceful movement backward and then forward. Muscles, tendons, ligaments and other tissue can stretch and tear causing a victim to experience pain, stiffness, decreased range of motion and headaches. The symptoms of whiplash can vary for each individual and are sometimes not apparent for 24 hours or more after an accident.

Cuts and Lacerations: Severe cuts and lacerations can occur from twisted metal, broken glass, and sharp objects involved in a car accident. Victims may require surgery, including plastic surgery to minimize scars and disfigurement. Infections, muscle, tendon, and soft tissue damage can complicate recovery. Pain management may require extensive prescription medications as victims recover.

Burns:  Gasoline and other flammable liquids can erupt into flames in a car accident and leave victims with serious burns that require long and painful recovery periods. Multiple surgeries required for debridement, skin grafts, and in some cases amputations, are common as victims suffer through long recovery periods that are often riddled with complications such as infections.

Permanent disfigurement can leave victims with lifelong emotional trauma. Compensation can afford patients with the latest and most advanced forms of therapy available to burn victims.

What to do if you are Involved in a Car Accident

Evidence is critical to your claims following a car accident. When possible, victims should take pictures of the accident scene, injuries of those involved, and of road and weather conditions present at the time of the accident. Witness testimony can substantiate your claims to your insurance company and in any civil lawsuits that follow.

No matter how minor an accident appears, police should be called so that a formal police report of the accident is placed on file.

Delaware Car Accident Lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC Help Victims of Car Accidents Claim Compensation for Their Injuries

If you suffered injuries in a car accident due to another driver’s negligence, contact an experienced Delaware car accident lawyer at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC. We know what it takes to prove fault in these types of cases and can help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us online or call us at 302-888-1221 for a free consultation. We provide comprehensive legal representation to victims of car accidents throughout Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, including Delaware County, Philadelphia and Chester County.