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Delaware Bicycle Accident Lawyers Represent Injured Bicyclists

Bicycles have a right to share the road in Pennsylvania

In 2015, there were 818 bicyclists killed in motor vehicle traffic accidents in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). An additional estimated 45,000 bicyclists were injured in crashes in 2015. More cyclists are taking to the road each year, but unfortunately, it doesn’t make it any safer for cyclists and drivers on the road. Indeed, with the increased trend of distracted driving, the risks of accidents are growing. And even with helmets, cyclists are put in danger of suffering crippling and even deadly injuries when struck by a car or truck. At McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC, our Delaware bicycle accident lawyers understand the severe nature of cycling accidents, and will build a claim for compensation that matches the gravity of your injuries.

Common injuries in cycling accidents

It’s important to understand the damage a bicycle-related injury can do. Without the protection of a vehicle around you, your body is exposed to more trauma. Even if you don’t notice an injury immediately, there could be underlying damage that becomes more severe with time.

  • Broken limbs – Collisions and falls can easily break bones in the arms and legs as you hit the ground and roll after an accident
  • Head injuries – Even with a helmet, you can be concussed or suffer a skull fracture requiring delicate surgery and weeks of recovery time
  • “Road rash” – Sliding or rolling along the ground after an accident can scrape off skin and embed infectious debris in your flesh, causing long-term pain and disfigurement
  • Spinal cord injuries – If you land on your back or are struck from behind, an accident can damage your spine or neck, causing pinched nerves and discs or damaging the spinal cord itself, leading to paralysis

What damages can you claim after a bicycle accident?

Beyond the severe trauma of a blunt force trauma injury, a cycling accident can affect your life and well-being in many ways you might not expect. Working with an attorney is critical in order to ensure you’re getting compensation for everything you lose after such an accident, including:

  • Medical costs  Insurance companies will often offer a settlement covering your initial medical expenses such as an emergency room visit, but you are entitled to compensation for any long-term physical therapy, surgical treatments or medication you require after an accident
  • Lost income – If an accident leaves you unable to work, you can receive damages to help make ends meet while you cannot bring in a steady income
  • Emotional trauma – The shock of an accident and the effect of chronic pain and disabling injuries can have a profound effect on your psychological well-being after a serious accident, and you can receive compensation for the negative impact it has on your life

Contact the Delaware Personal Injury Lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC, if you have Been Injured in a Bike Accident

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