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What Are New Congressional Mandates to Prevent Drunk Driving?

Drunk or impaired driving in the United States has been a huge problem for many decades. Despite harsh driving under the influence (DUI) laws in every state, driving while impaired continues to be a major issue, causing car accidents that result in tens of thousands of serious injuries and deaths every year. Over the past[…] Read More

Are Men More Aggressive Behind the Wheel?

Road rage is a well-known type of aggressive driving that has become more known and common in recent decades. When it comes to aggressive driving, male drivers generally have a reputation for taking more chances and driving more aggressively than women. From jackrabbit starts and drag racing to tailgating and driving at excessive speeds, many[…] Read More

What Should I Know About Accidents Caused by Defective Car Parts?

A car has numerous working parts. Many of the parts are made by automobile manufacturers, while others are produced by outside suppliers. Quality, reliable components require research, development, raw materials, and a variety of manufacturing processes. However, things can go wrong at any link of the supply chain, which can cause serious car accidents. Automotive[…] Read More