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What Are New Congressional Mandates to Prevent Drunk Driving?

Drunk or impaired driving in the United States has been a huge problem for many decades. Despite harsh driving under the influence (DUI) laws in every state, driving while impaired continues to be a major issue, causing car accidents that result in tens of thousands of serious injuries and deaths every year. Over the past[…] Read More

Are Men More Aggressive Behind the Wheel?

Road rage is a well-known type of aggressive driving that has become more known and common in recent decades. When it comes to aggressive driving, male drivers generally have a reputation for taking more chances and driving more aggressively than women. From jackrabbit starts and drag racing to tailgating and driving at excessive speeds, many[…] Read More

What Should I Know About Accidents Caused by Defective Car Parts?

A car has numerous working parts. Many of the parts are made by automobile manufacturers, while others are produced by outside suppliers. Quality, reliable components require research, development, raw materials, and a variety of manufacturing processes. However, things can go wrong at any link of the supply chain, which can cause serious car accidents. Automotive[…] Read More

Federal Jury Finds Roundup Contributed to Man’s Cancer

On Tuesday, a federal grand jury found that the pesticide Roundup played a significant role in causing a man’s cancer. The unanimous decision made by the jurors in the case tried in court in San Francisco against the manufacturer Monsanto stated that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, did indeed play a part in the[…] Read More

Attorney Francesca Iacovangelo Speaks at Naturalization Ceremony

McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC attorney, Francesca Iacovangelo, spoke at the Naturalization ceremony today. Ms. Iacovangelo presented on behalf of the Philadelphia Bar Association as a Member of the Board of Governors.  Seventy-seven new citizens were sworn in today in front of the Hon. Petrese B. Tucker at the United States Courthouse in Philadelphia. Ms. Iacovangelo[…] Read More

Bill Introduced to Reduce Trucking Accidents

There are more tractor trailers and other large commercial vehicles populating our roads and highways than ever before.  Driving around one of these colossal, powerful vehicles can be very intimidating. Getting into an accident with one can cause serious injury, and sometimes even be fatal. One of the most dangerous kinds of trucking accidents occurs[…] Read More