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Can I Collect Compensation for Slipping on a Wet Floor Without a Caution Sign?

Public buildings are required to alert those on the property about potentially dangerous conditions, including wet floors. Bright-colored signs are generally used for this purpose. Slipping on a wet floor without a caution sign could lead to severe injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Owners and managers of public spaces like grocery stores and[…] Read More

What Damages can I Receive in a Products Liability Suit?

Sustaining an injury or becoming ill due to a faulty product can cause significant and long-term harm to an individual. However, laws allow victims to seek compensation from the party responsible for the defective product. A victim is entitled to sue the individual or entity to obtain compensation that will recoup any financial losses the[…] Read More

What Should I Do If I Am Injured by a Foreign Defective Product?

The United States consumer market is no stranger to goods produced by foreign manufacturers. From cars to electronics, most Americans are likely to purchase or use products made outside of the country on a regular basis. Unfortunately, these products may not always be safe. Does an individual have any legal recourse when hurt by a[…] Read More