How Should Drivers Prepare for Winter Weather?

Winter weather is not just the typical rain or snow you see during winter times. Winter weather can include heavy downpours, thunderstorms, sleet, and even blizzard conditions. When winter storms strike, roads become icy, slippery, and hard to navigate. These winter conditions are dangerous for drivers, so it is important to stay alert when driving[…] Read More

What are Some Important Night Driving Tips for Shorter Autumn Days?

As the weather transitions into fall, it becomes colder and the days are shorter. Shorter days mean that roads will remain dark for longer periods of time. Now is a good time to review safe driving tips for night driving. Driving at night is more dangerous because it is harder to see when it is[…] Read More

Safety Tips When Using a Ridesharing Service

Ridesharing services are growing in popularity, but there is a dark side to this convenience. Uber revealed recently that over 3,000 sexual assault complaints were lodged against its drivers in 2018. Those numbers, while alarming, do not mean you should give up on ridesharing services, but taking precaution is critical. The following are safety tips[…] Read More

Summer Safety Tips to Prevent Personal Injuries

Summer is underway and that means more time spent outside taking advantage of the warm and sunny weather. Pool parties, BBQs, days spent at the beach, camping, vacations, and fireworks are all popular activities to enjoy when the weather heats up. While you may eager to enjoy all that summer has to offer, keep in[…] Read More

Brake Failure

The danger of being seriously injured if you lose brake power while driving is great. Thankfully, brake technology has improved over the years, greatly lowering the odds of this occurring. But brakes can still fail. Sometimes a manufacturing defect can cause brakes to fail. Manufacturers that are aware of serious safety defects must inform dealers[…] Read More

Backup Cameras Required in New Cars

For ten years, the Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety, a transportation advocacy group, urged the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) to standardize and require backup cameras for all cars. The group, along with other safety and consumer groups, sued the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2013, claiming the agency had not[…] Read More

Summer Safety Tips

As we approach the summer season, residents across the country will be gathering outdoors with friends and family to enjoy various activities. Barbecues, days spent at the pool or beach, riding bikes, fishing, boating, camping, bonfires and hiking are all popular ways to get the most out of the long days and endless sunshine. Unfortunately,[…] Read More