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Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims

Obtaining the Benefits You Deserve

When you have been injured on the job, you fully expect that your Workers’ Compensation benefits will pay your healthcare expenses, your lost wages, and more, so that you can focus on healing and getting back to work.

But when your claim is denied, it may feel like someone pulled a rug out from under you. The Wilmington Workers’ Compensation lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC will help you fight for what you deserve.

Why Would a Workers’ Compensation Claim be Denied?

There are several reasons your claim could be denied. Here are a few common reasons:

  • You did not seek medical treatment immediately following your injury
  • You did not notify your employer by the deadline
  • You did not submit your claim by the deadline
  • You did not provide all the required information and documentation
  • You had a pre-existing condition
  • You were injured on the job, but not during a work-related activity
  • You were injured off-site, or outside of your usual work hours
  • Your injury was deemed to be not as serious as you reported
  • Inappropriate conduct occurred during the course of the injury, such as alcohol use

No matter the reason, you have the right to appeal.

What Can You Do After a Denial?

It can be unsettling and confusing if your Workers’ Compensation claim is denied, especially if you did everything you believed you were supposed to do. But we can help. Our Wilmington work injury lawyers will assess and evaluate your claim, to see if anything is missing or was completed incorrectly.

We can then correct any errors, gather the appropriate documentation, and file an appeal so that you can receive the benefits you are entitled to.

We have successfully handled many denied Workers’ Compensation claims, and we will work hard to have your benefits restored. We will advocate for your rights, and help you build the strongest case possible. If your claim has been denied, you must take immediate action.

What Should You Be Entitled To?

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act was enacted to offer protection for both employers and employees in the event of accidents and injuries.  Employees who have been injured on the job are entitled to compensation.

A denied claim means that even though you put in your time at work and you were injured on the job, you are going to be left with no help to pay the bills or to get the medical care you so desperately need.

Workers’ Compensation benefits should cover all of the following:

  • Medical Costs: This includes all reasonable medical expenses, including evaluation, treatment, medications, therapy, and all follow-up care.
  • Lost Wages: You should be compensated for the wages you lost because of missed work, and the wages you will lose in the future because of your injury.
  • Ongoing Care: If your condition is severe, you may need surgery, rehabilitation, and more.
  • Death Benefits: If a worker dies because of a job-related injury, the worker’s survivors may be entitled to funeral expenses and lost wages.

If your claim has been denied, it is in your best interest to contact us to assist you.

Wilmington Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC Will Appeal Your Denied Claim

We know how frightening it can be when your Workers’ Compensation claim is denied. We know you are stressed and worried about how you will pay your bills, let alone recover from your injuries. Please call a Wilmington Workers’ Compensation lawyer at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC today at 302-888-1221 or contact us online for a free consultation. We understand the ins and outs of the process, and we will work hard to build a strong case to overturn the denial. We serve clients in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.