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Wilmington Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Representing commercial vehicle accident victims throughout Delaware

Commercial vehicles are everywhere. The businesses that have their drivers out on the road are accountable to people harmed by their employee’s negligence. At McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC, our Wilmington commercial vehicle accident lawyers force companies to take financial responsibility when their drivers cause an accident.  Our skillful litigators have recovered more than $100 million in the last ten years for injury victims.

Identifying when a business is responsible for a commercial driving accident

Businesses are responsible for their employees’ actions whenever they are performing a work-related task. Identifying whether an employee is doing something within the scope of their employment is not always clear, but it makes a big difference for injury victims. Companies try to avoid liability by arguing that their employees were not acting within the scope of employment. The agency principle is critical in situations like this where employers are better defendants for the plaintiff to actually receive the money they are due. Businesses are more likely to be able to afford the expense of compensating you for the medical expenses and emotional harm resulting from the accident. Our Wilmington truck accident lawyers make businesses pay the full value you deserve.

Common causes of commercial vehicle accidents

A commercial vehicle is any type of transportation that is being used for the benefit of an employer. The types of commercial vehicles range from small cars to large box trucks. Despite the range of vehicles that can be considered commercial, the accidents they cause can typically be traced down to a few specific sources. Identifying the cause of the accident is important because your Wilmington commercial vehicle accident lawyer must be able to prove cause or else you do not receive compensation. The most common causes of commercial vehicle accidents include:

  • Drivers not having appropriate licenses or certifications
  • Driving in a hurry for an employer deadline
  • Driving in unsafe conditions
  • Not properly maintaining equipment
  • Not properly training drivers
  • Overloading the vehicle
  • Unsafely loading materials

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