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How Should I Handle a Word-Against-Word Car Accident?

With most car accidents and truck accidents, the issue of who was at fault is clear. Rear-end collisions are usually caused by the driver doing the rear-ending. Someone blew through a red light. A driver lost control of their vehicle because they were intoxicated and driving under the influence. All these situations will not have[…] Read More

Bill Introduced to Reduce Trucking Accidents

There are more tractor trailers and other large commercial vehicles populating our roads and highways than ever before.  Driving around one of these colossal, powerful vehicles can be very intimidating. Getting into an accident with one can cause serious injury, and sometimes even be fatal. One of the most dangerous kinds of trucking accidents occurs[…] Read More

Driver Seriously Hurt After Nazareth Train and Truck Collision

Driver Seriously Hurt After Nazareth Train and Truck Collision A dump truck driver sustained serious injuries after engaging in a truck collision with a train in Lower Nazareth Township, Pennsylvania. On Wednesday afternoon, around 3:47 pm, the truck accident occurred when the truck crossed paths with the train at a cement plant, and then was[…] Read More

Lehigh Township Dump Truck Crash Leaves Fatality and Injuries

A dump truck crash in Lehigh Township, Pennsylvania resulted in a fatality and personal injuries for two victims. Around 5:30 pm, on Tuesday evening, a dump truck and car collided on Route 145, which left the 26-year-old man from Whitehall, Pennsylvania who was driving the car with fatal injuries. His female passenger sustained injuries during[…] Read More