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Fire at Holt Marine Terminal Extends to Ship; Philadelphia and Camden Fire Department Requested for Assistance

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In a developing story, emergency responders are battling a fire at Holt Marine Terminal in Gloucester City, New Jersey. The blaze erupted earlier today and escalated to a second alarm as flames engulfed a crane and extended to a nearby ship.

Both the Philadelphia and Camden Fire Department marine units have been deployed to assist in controlling the inferno and preventing further damage to the ship and surrounding infrastructure.

Holt Marine Terminal, a critical part of the region’s supply chain, handles a significant volume of cargo annually. The potential extent of the damage from this fire could have a substantial and far-reaching impact on the terminal’s operations and the broader logistical network.

As fire crews work to extinguish the flames, questions arise about the cause of the fire and its implications. Once the immediate threat is neutralized, authorities will likely conduct a thorough investigation.

Stay tuned for more updates as this story unfolds.

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