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Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and the second most populous city in the Northeast. The city houses a thriving business district, various art museums, historical landmarks, and several professional sports teams. With these and other notable sites, Philly attracts thousands of commuters and visitors each day, with a heavy concentration of them focusing on Philly’s Center City area. This is the heart of the city that contains the largest skyscrapers along with several government buildings, including City Hall. 

Car accidents are significant with so much traffic traveling in and out of the city daily. Over the years, certain hot spots have become more prone to accidents than others. The most dangerous roads in Philly include: 

  • Roosevelt Boulevard: This 11-mile stretch of road is the deadliest in the entire Commonwealth and runs through the city’s northern end.
  • Delaware Expressway: This busy road runs along Northeast Philly and can get stressful during rush hour.
  • Schuylkill Expressway: This popular stretch of highway connects Philly to King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, south of the city. While a popular drive among commuters and tourists, this highway has also seen multiple fatal car accidents. 
  • Broad Street: The main artery runs through the city’s center. It can be a harrowing drive, navigating pedestrians, traffic lights, bicyclists, and other motorists. 
  • Kelly Drive: This is one of the more scenic drives in the Philly area. This stretch of road extends in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the picturesque Boathouse Row. However, the road has been shut down multiple times due to dangerous accidents.
  • Bustleton Avenue: This is another major roadway on the city’s Northeast section. Those who travel on this road are heading to Feasterville-Trevose or Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania.

While certain roads throughout the Philly area have proven to be the most dangerous when it comes to motor vehicle accidents, certain intersections have also seen a high number of fatal collisions. Those intersections include: 

  • Center City 

Broad Street & Race Street. 

Market Street & 11th Street. 

Market Street & 12th Street. 

  • South Philadelphia 

Broad Street & Washington Avenue. 

Broad Street & Pattison Avenue. 

  • West Philadelphia 

Market Street & 40th Street. 

  • Lower North Philadelphia 

Broad Street & Girard Avenue. 

Broad Street & Lehigh Avenue. 

  • Port Richmond 

Castor Avenue & Aramingo Avenue. 

Allegheny Avenue & Clearfield Avenue. 

  • Roxborough-Manayunk 

Green Lane & Cresson Street. 

Main Street & Green Lane. 

  • Germantown-Chestnut Hill 

Chelten Avenue & Wayne Avenue. 

  • Olney-Oak Lane 

Fifth Street & Olney Avenue. 

Broad Street & Olney Avenue. 

  • Northeast Philadelphia 

Cottman Avenue & Roosevelt Boulevard. 

Grant Avenue & Roosevelt Boulevard. 

Over the years, these intersections in Philly have been the site of catastrophic car accidents. You must exercise caution when traveling through these intersections. 

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help Me? 

A car accident lawyer can help you manage the critical events that will be taking place. A lawyer can represent you and protect your rights in the days following your accident. They will also work behind the scenes to collect evidence on your behalf. They may speak with witnesses and gather other documentation related to your case, such as medical tests, doctor notes, and bills. Your lawyer can handle the legal matters while you work on your recovery. 

Our Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC Are on Your Side

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