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Turn to us when a car crash changes everything

It only takes a split second. There’s the sound of squealing brakes followed by a violent collision – and with that your life has changed. Perhaps you’ve sustained non-life threatening injuries, but a passenger has been badly hurt. Even if you’ve only been shaken up, repairing or replacing a damaged vehicle can cost a fortune. If you only had one car to begin with, you’ll find yourself without a way to get to work or do essential chores. At McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC, our established Media car accident lawyers understand your plight and work tirelessly to make a bad situation better.

The truth about motor vehicle accidents in Pennsylvania

In 2016 alone, there were over 34,000 fatal motor vehicle accidents in the United States. Millions of people were injured. The majority of people hurt and killed were involved in car crashes. Here’s what happened:

  • Most accidents involved passenger cars – There were more than 91,000 car crashes in Pennsylvania. That number represents 71 percent of the total motor vehicle crashes statewide.
  • Automobile accidents topped all statistical categories – More people were killed or injured in passenger car wrecks than in any other type of vehicle. Car crashes also caused more property damage than wrecks involving SUVs, vans, small trucks and so forth.
  • One-car crashes were most common – The drivers in more than 22,000 car crashes hit set objects, including but not limited to trees, guide rails and fences. There were more than 19,000 two-car collisions statewide.
  • Driver error contributed to most wrecks – Common mistakes made by drivers in passenger car crashes included speeding; drinking; becoming distracted; improperly turning; proceeding without clearance; careless or improper passing; driving without enough rest; and following too closely behind another vehicle.
  • Front seat occupants were at greatest risk – The driver and right front seat passenger perished in the bulk of the fatal car crashes.

Car accidents rank among the top causes of serious head injuries

While advances in automotive technology have reduced the risk of death or catastrophic injury, the fact remains that the human body simply isn’t built to withstand the forces it is subjected to in a car crash. Common injuries include bumps, bruises, cuts and scrapes, broken bones, spinal trauma and whiplash. Drivers and passengers are also at risk for significant head injuries. These include:

  • Concussions – These injuries are commonly caused by the sudden or violent movement of the brain within the skull. Classified as “closed head” injuries, concussions can have both immediate and long-term effects.
  • Brain bruising, swelling or bleeding – These are complications associated with “closed head” injuries that may not be readily apparent and often require surgical intervention.
  • Skull fractures – Categorized as “open head” injuries, this type of trauma usually happens when your head hits the windshield or another fixed object in the car. The protective bones around your brain are literally broken upon impact, sometimes allowing debris to become lodged in the brain itself.

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At McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC, our Media car accident lawyers know that car wrecks can be physically, emotionally and financially devastating. We aggressively pursue all options to ensure you receive the financial compensation you need to get your life back on track. Call us at 215-569-8488 or 302-888-1221, or contact us online to schedule a free consultation today. We represent injured victims and families throughout Pennsylvania including the Philadelphia region, Chester County, Delaware County and Montgomery County. We also serve clients in Delaware and New Jersey.