Understanding Summer Rental Car Insurance Options

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers Urge Consumers to Protect Themselves Now that summer is here, many Americans are taking vacations and consequently using rental cars at increasing rates. Navigating the convoluted world of car rental insurance can put a damper on the season’s festivities. Fortunately, there are a few things consumers can learn and act upon[…] Read More

Pennsylvania’s Auto Insurance Requirements

Pennsylvania’s Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law requires all Pennsylvania drivers to carry auto insurance. Having adequate insurance is important to cover the damages that may result from motor vehicle accidents, including medical bills, lost wages and property damage. Pennsylvania drivers undoubtedly benefit from understanding the different types of insurance available and which ones the state[…] Read More

Pennsylvania Court: Motorcyclist Cannot Recover Under Parent’s Policy

A Pennsylvania court recently ruled that a common exclusion in underinsured motorist coverage applies to motorcyclists injured after being thrown off their bikes. The case is both interesting and important in its own right and an excellent illustration of how complicated insurance exclusions can be. For those seeking to recover under insurance policies following a[…] Read More

Pennsylvania Court Denies Insurance Policy Exclusion for Workers’ Compensation Recipients

In October 2011, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania issued an opinion in a case that dealt with the interaction between Workers’ Compensation benefits and auto insurance. The court’s decision in the case has important implications for others who sustain injuries as a result of workplace accidents or hazards. Details of the Case In 2002, Frank[…] Read More

Car Insurance Requirements for Pennsylvania Drivers

The state of Pennsylvania requires all drivers to carry liability and first party (PIP) car insurance coverage under the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law. In addition to auto insurance required by state law, it is important for drivers to understand that there are different types of insurance coverage available to protect against the financial[…] Read More