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What Are Common Road Conditions That Cause Car Accidents?

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Many Philadelphia streets have potholes, uneven road surfaces, and other hazardous conditions. These can be problematic for drivers in the city, leading to car accidents. Common road conditions that cause car accidents in Philadelphia include:

  • Debris on the road: Loose junk constantly falls off cars and trucks without the drivers noticing. Unless it is removed in time, others can crash into it.
  • Lack of signage: Drivers must know potential hazards, speed limits, work zones, and other important road information.
  • Lane marking problems: Lane markings fade and wear off from normal wear and tear over time. Also, markings might be confusing to drivers when they are unclear.
  • Obstructions: Overgrowth and other obstructions block roads and decrease visibility. This category includes root intrusion when large trees grow into roadways and physically alter the ground.
  • Potholes: Large cities are known for their potholes, which develop from constant use, heavy vehicles, and changing weather conditions. Large potholes can puncture tires and cause severe undercarriage damage.

Who Is Responsible for Crashes Caused by Poor Road Conditions?

It is essential to know who is responsible for the maintenance of a particular road. It is often the responsibility of city, county, or state government agencies. They are tasked with ensuring that the roads are safe for everyone who uses them.

These cases are complicated because different organizations are responsible for marking lanes, traffic control devices, and maintenance of asphalt. While the state might be responsible for pothole repairs, the city might be liable for not clearing the roads of ice and snow. A lawyer can determine the liable party if you have been injured in an accident due to unsafe road conditions.

How Can I Prove Liability in an Accident Caused by Poor Road Conditions?

Hazardous road conditions are typically noticeable, but a defendant might argue that the plaintiff should have known it existed. Identifying the dangerous condition is the first step in proving liability in these cases.

You must prove that the dangerous condition could have been prevented. Some hazards occur suddenly, so a defendant might not be responsible. To be successful, you need to prove that the road condition could have been prevented; therefore, the responsible agency knew about the hazard or should have known and had time to address it.

Since multiple responsible parties could be involved, it is crucial to examine the accident from every angle to identify potential defendants. There might be another driver at fault, a negligent third party not associated with a government agency, the agency, or you. Shared liability is possible in these claims. Even if you were partly to blame for what happened, you might still be entitled to compensation.

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