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Can I Appeal the Outcome of My Car Accident Claim?

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Settlement offers for your car accident claim could be significantly less than what your injuries are worth. Adjusters and defendants realize that claimants are under financial duress and hope to receive compensation quickly – this makes people more likely to accept first offers and sign waivers. This puts them in bad positions when their damages are more extensive than initially thought.

In Pennsylvania, you have 30 days to appeal a court verdict after a final judgment is rendered, and appeals focus on the legality of how the first case was handled. The process reconsiders the original evidence but not new proof that might be offered. There are several ways that courts are asked to reevaluate jury decisions:

  • An appellate court (also called a court of appeals) can decide if the original court adhered to the proper legal procedures in your car accident trial.
  • A higher court can look at the jury’s decision for the purpose of overturning it.

You and your car accident attorney may decide to file a motion for a new trial if the first one was not fair. That request would be sent to the court that delivered the first verdict. Possible reasons for new trials include:

  • An error of law
  • Jury misconduct
  • Misconduct from the defense
  • New evidence
  • There could be other issues that prevented a fair trial as well

How Long Does an Appeal Take?

This process takes time and can be expensive, so the pros and cons of this undertaking should be discussed in length with your lawyer. There will be a lot of paperwork, and the evidence will be reviewed carefully. The court might reaffirm the original verdict, revise it, reverse it, or return the case to the lower court.

Defendants can also appeal car accident claims on any standard grounds of appeal that can change original verdicts. They might contest the validity of the evidence supporting the plaintiff’s injuries and liability or consider other angles.

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