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Can a Pothole Cause a Car Accident?

A Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC Can Provide a Free Consultation About Your Pothole Accident

Philadelphia roads have more than their share of potholes, and drivers go over them daily. Most people understand that doing so can damage their tires, but can a pothole cause a car accident? The answer is yes – poor road conditions can do this, leaving you with injuries, property damage, and bills to pay.

How Do Potholes Form?

Potholes form over time from the constant pressure of countless vehicles traveling over asphalt. Drastic temperature changes and poor drainage compound that problem, so that is why potholes seem to appear out of nowhere after heavy storms. The asphalt chips and cracks and the resulting potholes can be small or large. Forbes magazine reported that potholes cause $3 billion dollars of damages every year.

How Do Potholes Cause Accidents?

Drivers know that deep potholes can damage their cars, so when they do not have time to slow down, they often swerve to avoid them. If another vehicle is in the adjacent lane, there could be a collision. Another possible scenario would be a driver slamming on their brakes to prevent them from entering the pothole. Since there would be no warning, a vehicle following behind could rear-end them.

Driving into a pothole can also cause motorists to lose control of their vehicles. They might overcorrect their steering and run off the road. Besides all that, potholes can damage tires and a driver can crash because of that; dangerous blowouts are not uncommon.

Other dangerous conditions that cause accidents include uneven roadways, steep shoulder drop-offs, and uncleared snow and ice. Even when you are extra careful, these unexpected dangers can cause serious crashes.

Who Is Liable for a Pothole Accident?

Establishing liability in pothole accidents can be tricky, depending on the circumstances. Generally, there are four possibilities:

  • The driver making the claim: If you are found negligent, you could pay for the damages. Examples include speeding or texting and driving at the time of the pothole accident.
  • Another driver: The same holds if another driver caused the crash. They might have even been under the influence, did not see the pothole until it was too late, and swerved recklessly into your vehicle.
  • A car or parts manufacturer: Car parts should withstand a certain amount of wear and wear from everyday use. If a part or system is defective and fails unexpectedly after hitting a pothole, there could be an underlying issue.
  • A state of local government: This can be hard to prove since there are particular parameters in which governing entities can be held responsible for pothole accidents. You must verify that they had specific knowledge of the pothole and failed to address it. Still, government agencies are responsible for maintaining roads that they own. The first step in these cases is determining which one holds the one you crashed on.

A Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC Can Provide a Free Consultation About Your Pothole Accident

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