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Should I Go to Urgent Care or Emergency Room After a Car Accident?

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Many people wonder if they should go to an urgent care or an emergency room after a car accident. There can be so many to choose from in highly populated areas, making the decision even more confusing. Urgent care facilities and emergency rooms offer different kinds of medical care, so how does one decide which one is the most appropriate?

Generally, emergency rooms are the better choice for severe and life-threatening injuries because they provide higher care. Some car accident survivors must be transported to them via ambulance, while others can drive or be driven there.

Always head to an ER for severe trauma, head injuries, breathing problems, major bone fractures, and severe burns. Urgent care centers are not equipped to treat patients with high-level injuries. They are typically fine when car accident survivors come in with fractures, minor burns, or sprains.

The most important thing to understand about ERs and urgent care clinics is the services patients can receive. Emergency rooms have more specialists and imaging tests available to handle complex and critical injuries, with the ability to address immediate, life-threatening medical conditions. Patients are often stabilized and referred to primary or other physicians who can provide ongoing treatment.

Urgent care clinics have specialized staff members but might not be as highly trained in emergency treatment. Some provide testing, comprehensive care to patients before discharging them, and specialist referrals.

Car accident survivors might avoid emergency rooms because they usually have longer waiting times than urgent care clinics. Also, bear in mind that ERs are open 24/7, while urgent care centers might have fewer hours. The other thing to know is the cost difference; emergency rooms are more expensive for the most part.

What if I Feel Fine After a Car Accident?

Not getting immediate medical care after a car accident can be a severe mistake for several reasons. Serious car accident injuries can be apparent, or symptoms might take days or weeks to appear. Even if you feel and look okay, there might be internal injuries that are not causing immediate pain.

Our Delaware Car Accident Lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC Fight to Protect the Rights of Car Accident Survivors

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