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COVID-19 Causes Major Drop in Toy Safety Inspections

A recent investigation by USA TODAY concluded that the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) pulled its toy police from ports around the country due to the threat of COVID-19. This caused a major drop in safety inspections for over 6 months. This investigation is a follow up to the list of most dangerous toys of 2020 that provides parents with a warning of potentially hazardous toys currently on the market. This list is especially helpful during the holiday shopping season.

The CPSC toy police, or “inspectors,” are employed to intercept harmful toys and other household products before they enter the marketplace. Leaders of the CPSC decided to shutdown inspectors at ports up until September, which caused a lack of surveillance of toys during the inspectors busiest time.

Unfortunately, USA TODAY found a lapse in safety surveillance during the COVID-19 pandemic which was ultimately hidden from the public for many months. The CPSC only issued a fourth of its normal violations this past spring and summer. Stores that are now selling toys that were not screened by the CPSC include Target, Dollar Tree, Walgreens, Amazon, and UPS. These stores have a wide variety of inventory that was never screened for hazards or did not go through proper testing. Experts are wary that it could take many years to discover which dangerous and hazardous items have been sold into American homes.

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If you notice any problems, report them to a CPSC website where such complaints are publicly posted: