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What are the Signs of Aggressive Driving?

Aggressive driving is dangerous and can cause serious injuries and fatal accidents to occur. Unfortunately, the city of Philadelphia is ranked number two for having the most aggressive drivers in the United States. Many of the car accidents that occur in Philadelphia are due to drivers braking suddenly, causing fender benders. According to a survey by GasBuddy, a safe driving app, most accidents occur on Fridays, while Wednesday has the least number of incidents. Drivers should always drive carefully despite traffic, construction, and bad weather to avoid accidents caused by aggressive driving. Signs of aggressive driving include:

  • Speeding excessively
  • Tailgating others
  • Running stop signs
  • Speeding up on yellow lights
  • Racing to beat red lights
  • Failing to yield
  • Merging in and out of traffic
  • Passing illegally on the left
  • Failing to obey stop signs

What is the Difference Between Aggressive Driving and Road Rage?

It may seem that aggressive driving and road rage are the same, but they are quite different from each other. Despite both posing a dangerous threat to other drivers, these types of offenses present themselves in unique ways on the road. Due to their differences, it is easy to spot an aggressive driver compared to someone with road rage.

Aggressive driving is a combination of driving offenses that endanger other drivers. These are ticketed offenses and can cause serious injuries or fatalities. Road rage is a criminal offence and includes committing an act of violence against another driver, such as engaging in a reckless chase, retaliating against another motorist by hitting their bumper, or getting out of their vehicle to cause physical harm to someone else. Road rage is often caused by a singular incident that triggers anger in a driver. Aggressive driving can also lead to road rage if prompted by a specific occurrence.

Tips for Dealing with Aggressive Drivers

When you encounter an aggressive driver, it is important to stay calm and avoid challenging them. Get out of the aggressive driver’s way to prevent an accident. If the driver starts to antagonize, ignore them and avoid eye contact. If you struggle with aggression while driving, always remember to get plenty of rest before you drive, plan for congestion, and go to the bathroom ahead of time. If you find yourself getting angry and stressed, pull over and relax. If a threat continues to persist from another driver on the road, call the police immediately. It is safer to let professionals deal with aggressive drivers rather than attempting to handle it yourself.

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC Represent Victims Injured by Aggressive Drivers

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