Popular Boppy Newborn Lounger Pillows Linked to 8 Deaths

Over three million Boppy newborn lounger pillows have been recalled by the manufacturer after being linked to eight suffocation deaths of infants between 2015 and 2020. The Consumer Products Safety Commission released an advisory Thursday regarding the decision, asking parents and caregivers to immediately discontinue use of the recalled products, which are: Boppy Original Newborn[…] Read More

Summer Safety Tips

As we approach the summer season, residents across the country will be gathering outdoors with friends and family to enjoy various activities. Barbecues, days spent at the pool or beach, riding bikes, fishing, boating, camping, bonfires and hiking are all popular ways to get the most out of the long days and endless sunshine. Unfortunately,[…] Read More

Most Dangerous Toys of 2017

Families with children should be cautious around the holiday season. While toys are meant to be an entertaining and enjoyable experience for children, many of the latest products come with hazards that may result in product liability accidents if not handled correctly. According to World Against Toys Causing Harm (W.A.T.C.H.), unsafe toys remain an ongoing[…] Read More

Bob McCann Supports Eagles Fly for Leukemia as Active Board Member

For the past seven years our Founding Partner, Robert E. McCann, has committed his time and support, and has worked with the charity, Eagles Fly for Leukemia (EFL), as a member of the Board of Directors. Since the 1980s, the EFL, which originated as an offshoot of the Philadelphia Eagles football organization, has helped children[…] Read More

Summer Safety Series Part III: Swimming Pool Electrocutions

Accidental drowning has become more prevalent in the last few years; many due to pool electrocutions. Most people are not aware of the dangers that are hidden beneath swimming pools. Faulty grounding and bonding can cause deadly currents to disperse into all metal fixtures on a pool, including underwater lights, ladders, and handrails. If someone[…] Read More