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What Precautions Should Students Take When Going Back to School?

Thousands are injured in school bus-related accidents each year. Annually, nearly 100 fatalities result from school bus accidents. Parents do their best to protect children on their way to and from school, but drivers should also be extra cautious while driving through school zones or near school buses. While children may not be concerned with[…] Read More

School Bus Safety Tips

With classes back in session, school buses are back on the roads. Every day, school buses transport 25 million students to and from school. School buses are deemed the safest form of transportation because they are the most regulated vehicles on the road. They are designed for safety and include features such as flashing lights,[…] Read More

Philadelphia Chain Reaction Crash Involved SEPTA Bus

On Tuesday afternoon, a chain reaction crash took place in Northeast Philadelphia that involved a SEPTA bus, SUV, and paratransit vehicle. The multi-vehicle accident occurred around 1:30 pm when the paratransit vehicle slammed into the SEPTA bus and the SUV at the intersection of Bustleton and Devereaux Avenues. No life-threatening injuries accompanied the collision but[…] Read More

Several Victims Sustain Injuries After Philadelphia SEPTA Bus Crash

After a SEPTA bus crash occurred in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, several victims sustained personal injuries. On Wednesday afternoon, around 12:30 pm, the bus accident took place involving a SEPTA Route 33 bus and a car. The two vehicles collided near College and Ridge Avenues and caused seven victims injuries for which they were hospitalized. A confrontation[…] Read More

SEPTA Bus and Tractor Trailer Crash in Philadelphia Injures Sixteen

A SEPTA bus and tractor trailer crashed in Philadelphia, injuring fifteen individuals. The tractor trailer crash occurred around 5:30 am on Tuesday morning in the Frankford section of the city when the SEPTA bus slammed into the tractor trailer that was turning off Orthodox Street. The passengers were taken to the Einstein Medical Center with[…] Read More

School Bus Crash with Motorcycle Fatally Injures Cyclist in Sharon Hill

A school bus crash with a motorcycle left the cyclist fatally injured on Tuesday morning. The accident occurred around 6 am when a school bus and motorcycle collided on Chester Pike in Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania. No personal injuries were sustained by the occupants of the bus, which included the driver, bus aide, and one student.[…] Read More

School Bus and Trolley Collision Injures Eight in Philadelphia

A school bus and a SEPTA trolley collided in Southwest Philadelphia, which injured eight individuals on Wednesday morning. The collision took place around 7:50 am on Woodland Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets. Although no children were aboard the school bus, the sole occupant of the bus sustained an injury. The operator of the trolley[…] Read More