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Driverless Cars Cannot Differentiate Between Projections and Objects

Cybercrime is a growing concern as driverless cars become more common. Automated vehicles controlled by computers present opportunities for hackers to exploit the system and cause accidents. Cyber security experts have noted that modern cars present an urgent national security issue, as attackers from hostile states can use them as weapons. According to a new[…] Read More

Survey Reveals Concerns with Automated Vehicles

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 90 percent of all vehicular accidents are due to driver error. Over the years, efforts have been ongoing to increase safety by easing congestion, making roads easier to navigate, and making vehicles safer to drive. Technological advances in commercial trucks continue to equip vehicles with[…] Read More

Driverless Trucks Prove Unlikely for the Future

There has been talk recently about self-driving vehicles, including fully automated tractor trailers and trucks. Trucking industry researchers continue to see driverless technology as an important step in improving the safety and efficiency of the trucking industry. Autonomous truck features, such as vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication technology, can help prevent accidents when technology intercedes to[…] Read More

Determining Fault in Self-Driving Car Crashes  

Every year, self-driving cars move closer to becoming a regular fixture on American roads. Most major auto manufacturers are working to obtain their own autonomous vehicles. Hired cars companies such as Lyft and Uber are close to replacing human drivers with technology. However, as self-driving cars begin their integration with human drivers and pedestrians, tricky[…] Read More

Self-Driving Cars Becoming More Practical

Advancements in technology continue to alter motor vehicles as the industry strives toward a future without car accidents. From on-board technology applications to advanced safety protocols, manufacturers are on the look-out for the latest information in autonomous driving. While technology is not quite advanced enough to permit the manufacture of autonomous, or self-driving, vehicles, the[…] Read More