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Baby Food Recall for Arsenic


Parents’ Choice Baby Food Recalled for High Arsenic Levels

Federal health officials are asking parents and caregivers to throw away Parent’s Choice Rice Baby Cereal, a popular product sold at WalMart, due to high levels of inorganic arsenic found in routine testing.

Specifically, the product being recalled is 8 oz. Parent’s Choice Rice Baby Cereal sold after April 5, 2021, with a best-if-used-by date of Jun. 24, 2022; Jun. 25, 2022 and Nov. 30, 2022

Parents and caregivers looking to check if they have part of the affected batch in their home can check the dates in the bottom left corner on the back of the rice cereal packaging.

To date, no illnesses have been reported because of this product or other Parent’s Choice products.

Manufacturer Maple Island Inc. voluntarily recalled three lots of Parent’s Choice Rice Baby Cereal, which it manufactures for Walmart around the U.S.

WalMarts have pulled Parent’s Choice Rice Baby Cereal off the shelves, following advice by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after testing determined higher than acceptable levels of arsenic in the baby food.

The FDA statement noted that trace elements such as these are widely present in the environment, and that research has shown reducing exposure to toxic elements is important for the healthy growth of children.

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