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Heart Health in the Workplace

heart health

Heart disease is often regarded as a problem of the elderly, but the truth is, more young people are becoming vulnerable to early heart disease. In fact, more than half of those with high blood pressure do not have it under control, and that is one of the biggest risk factors for heart disease. It is in an employer’s best interests to keep their workforce heart healthy and out of the hospital. The earlier employees begin taking up heart healthy habits, the better for their own long-term health and longevity.

Healthy Habits

Companies should focus on wellness programs designed for overall employee health, with special cardiovascular benefits. Such programs should provide education regarding heart healthy practices, such as a low-fat diet full of fruits, vegetables, fish and lean poultry, as well as what to avoid. It is not just enough to teach workers about heart healthy eating; it is important to offer these options. Remove the junk food in the vending machines and replace them with better choices, such as fruit and nut snacks.

Exercise is another critical component, and all employees should be encouraged to take part in walking or regular sessions at the gym. Employers can create incentives for workers to participate in these outings. Gift coupons for fitness classes or gym discounts can aid in getting employees to start becoming more proactive in keeping themselves in good shape.

Stress plays a big role in heart disease. Stress management in the workplace can help reduce the incidence of cardiovascular issues. That is why it is crucial that an employer wellness program addresses stress triggers in the workplace. Consider instituting yoga or similar classes to help reduce employee stress.

A Smoke-Free Environment

Many workplaces are already smoke-free, at least as far as the interiors of buildings. Since smoking is responsible for many cardiovascular issues, let alone lung and other cancers, it may prove wise for employers to declare all areas of the workplace, inside and out, as smoke-free. This also protects non-smoking employees from the dangers of secondhand smoke. Before banning smoking on the premises, arrange for smoking cessation programs for those who cannot kick this bad habit.

Health Screenings

Offering regular health screenings on the premises is another excellent way to promote heart health. Even if the company’s health insurance plan provides such screenings, there are employees who will not bother to take advantage of them.  By scheduling professional health screenings at the workplace, including high blood pressure testing, cholesterol checks, blood sugar levels for diabetes, and determining each worker’s body mass index, employees can find out if they require further medical evaluation.

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