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Safety Tips When Using a Ridesharing Service

Ridesharing services are growing in popularity, but there is a dark side to this convenience. Uber revealed recently that over 3,000 sexual assault complaints were lodged against its drivers in 2018. Those numbers, while alarming, do not mean you should give up on ridesharing services, but taking precaution is critical. The following are safety tips when riding with Uber or similar ridesharing companies.

Start in a Safe Place

After arranging for a driver, stay in a safe, well-lit place until your phone tells you the driver has arrived. Unfortunately, there are many ridesharing driver impersonators out there, seeking people waiting for a pickup. The last thing you want to do is get into a vehicle and then discover it is not your Uber driver. Before entering a car, make sure the vehicle’s license plate, model, and driver’s photo are the same as those appearing on the app. Also, ask the driver who they are picking up; if they do not have your name, do not get in the car.

Keep Others Informed

When using a rideshare, tell someone that you are doing so. Most rideshare apps allow you to share this information. If you are on your way to visit someone, text them and let them know when you expect to arrive. If the driver makes you uncomfortable in any way, tell them that you shared the information.

Take a Backseat

Rather than sit in the front, beside the driver, sit in the back. The best seat is on the passenger’s side in the rear because this gives you the clearest view of the driver. It also gives you easy access to an exit in case of an emergency. Before the car drives off, check to ensure it is not locked so you can get out, if necessary.

Safety in Numbers

If possible, share a ride with a friend rather than going alone. If you have different destinations, let the driver know the ride is being tracked.

Stay Sober

Many people use ridesharing services when drinking with friends. It is certainly safer than getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, but any type of impairment increases your personal risk. For example, you may fail to follow some of the suggestions above, such as checking to make sure you are entering the right vehicle.

Provide Feedback

Let the company know about anything out of the ordinary during your ride. That might include bad driving on the part of the driver, lewd comments, getting too personal or asking for other contact information, or anything that seems amiss. If you feel something is wrong, call the police.

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