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How Vulnerable is My Car to Cyberattacks?

The world becomes more interconnected every day, but that also means our systems are more vulnerable to hackers. As our cars grow smarter, so do cyberattack risks. If your car is hacked, you and your family are potentially in danger. How does a hacker gain access to your automobile? Perhaps the most common way is via your smartphone if it is connected to a USB port, which enables a hacker to access data on your phone and your vehicle. The same holds true for Google Android users downloading apps from questionable sites.

While the loss of personal data is concerning, millions of people annually are victims of hackers stealing information. Hackers have stolen credit card numbers and other critical data from thousands of companies. Someone hacking a car might change systems or alerts, leaving the driver and passengers vulnerable. Fatalities, serious injuries, and extensive property damage could result.

No Vehicle Guardians

Car owners likely believe someone is monitoring their vehicles’ computer systems. However, researchers from Michigan State University (MSU) found that no one holds technical responsibility for vehicle computer systems. Currently, there are no vehicle guardians. It is the manufacturers of the vehicle and its equipment who must be held accountable for these systems.

An MSU criminal justice professor stated that manufacturers must start thinking more about data flows and software vendors, along with educating dealerships on security issues. He added that there is no such thing as a recall when it comes to cybersecurity. Rather, cybersecurity constantly needs new codes written, as well as new installations and system updates.

Constant Updating

It is important to update a smartphone after a security release, and the same holds true for vehicle cybersecurity. Vehicle systems should have the same type of guardian, but there are limits to what manufacturers can do. Most customers will not head to the car dealer every time their car needs a security update. Most customers will likely ignore the update, raising the risk of hacking. Keep in mind that, just as with a smartphone, much of the security onus will fall on the vehicle owner. Within the next few years, most vehicles on the road will have smart capabilities. It is important to get ahead of these risks, instead of waiting until people lose their lives or suffer terrible breaches before action is taken.

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