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Safety Features Every Car Needs

safety features

Car manufacturers have made great strides toward improving vehicle safety over the past few decades, and anyone in the market for a new ride should research these features before buying. Most are familiar with advanced connectivity, such as Apple CarPlay that allows drivers to use their GPS, make calls, and listen to music hands-free. Today, there are improved airbags, brakes, and other safety features to look for.

Auto Braking and Lane Assist

Automatic emergency braking reduces collision speed or applies the brakes when the vehicle senses an imminent collision. Lane assist quickly guides cars back into their lanes when drivers drift outside of them without using their turn signals. It can also alert drivers when other cars are in the lane, even if the driver has their signal on.

Improved High Beams and Mirrors

Smart high beams are self-adjusting and transition the headlights from high to regular strength if a car or truck is on the road. This can prevent other drivers from being blinded on dark roads by another car’s bright lights. Newer vehicles come equipped with panoramic HD camera rearview mirrors. The technology is built into the rearview mirror, and provides a clear view from the back of the vehicle. Drivers can see this in the rearview mirror.

Better Airbags and Seat Belts

Life-saving airbags are standard features today, but side airbags can be just as important and are offered on many new cars. Side airbags inflate faster than front airbags and cover most of the window space. This helps prevent neck injuries, ejections, and can stop metal poles or tree limbs from crashing through side windows. Certain cars also have seat belt systems that will not allow the vehicle to start until the driver and all passengers are buckled up. The 2020 Chevrolet Traverse’s Buckle to Drive system also disables the radio until all seat belts are secured.

Dependable Tires

They may not be high-tech, but tires are a vehicle’s point of contact with the road, so it is important to buy ones that offer quality and value. It is also essential to periodically check the air pressure and to ensure that the tread is not too thin. Both should be done once a month. Pressure can be checked at a gas station or at home with a tire pressure gauge. Checking the tread is easily done with a penny; it should be placed in between two fingers and inserted in different spots in the tread on all four tires. If the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head is visible, the tires should be checked. In areas where there is frequent ice and snow on the roads, drivers may want to change over to winter tires.

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