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Safety Systems Help Prevent Crashes

As technology becomes more advanced by the day, our lives have become more productive and fast-paced. A car’s computer system is becoming a very effective tool for those that share the road, where car accidents and injuries are far too common. According to a recent Consumer Reports survey, drivers of all ages revealed that advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) that are common in modern vehicles have met their satisfaction and assisted the driver in preventing a car crash.

According to the results of the survey, 84 percent of drivers over the age of 65 are satisfied with the functionality of their vehicle’s automatic emergency braking (AEB) feature, with 50 percent revealing that the feature helped them avoid a car accident. Interestingly, drivers under the age of 35 were less than satisfied at 66 percent, yet 71 percent revealed the vehicle’s feature helped them avoid a car crash.

Experts believe that younger drivers may find the alarms and whistles annoying if it falsely alerts them of danger. The data suggested that younger drivers were more distracted than older drivers. Nonetheless, the advent of these driver-assistance systems prevented car accidents and made the roads safer.

Benefits of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems

All ADAS systems have proven to be extremely helpful to drivers of all ages.  Systems such as the AEB or forward collision warning alerts react to its environment quicker than the human brain, thus warning of a collision and even braking on its own. Other systems, such as blind spot or lane assist warnings, can alert the driver, sometimes even nudging the steering wheel automatically so the vehicle does not drift.

Consumer Reports recommended that certain systems, such as forward collision warning, AEB, and blind-spot warning systems, be standard in all vehicles. Other systems, such as the blind spot warning function, are almost necessary in a vehicle as well; modern vehicles are made with stronger pillars, which block certain views around the vehicle for the driver. The blind-spot warnings keep the vehicle safe in case of a collision.

According to those that took the survey, over 57 percent of drivers revealed that at least one computer-controlled assistance system in their vehicle helped them on at least one occasion. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), vehicles equipped with a forward-collision warning system or an AEB feature were 50 percent less likely to be in an accident compared to cars without those features.

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