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Tesla Sparks Dangers with Smart Summon Feature

Philadelphia car accident lawyers protect victims injured by Tesla cars with smart summon feature.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is aware of two separate issues involving Tesla electric vehicles and agree that investigations should be underway. The first problem involves the Smart Summon Feature, which involves moving your vehicle with your key fob, without a driver, through slower paced parking lots. Drivers of these vehicles are citing concerns of it not working as well as advertised. The second issue involves Tesla vehicles and their battery management system; owners alleged that an over-the-air software update to prevent fire damage should have been recalled, and that the software update decreased the range of the vehicle.

Smart Summon Videos

Owners have posted numerous videos on the internet showing the Smart Summon feature on their Tesla vehicles, with the issues they are having in full display. Some complain that the feature drives their vehicle onto lawns, into curbs, or into traffic, putting themselves and others at risk. There are two different Smart Summon features; the basic feature moves a driverless vehicle slowly in and out of a parking spot while the owner uses the app or key fob and the second feature moves the vehicle around obstacles and objects. Tesla warns that users of the Smart Summon feature are responsible for any risks and damages and must always monitor the vehicle.

Battery Management Software

The battery management software update came from Tesla in May, and users have reported a decrease in their driving range. More importantly, users are alleging that the software update was implemented to prevent fire damage to the battery system, which Tesla did not notify to the NHTSA. If notified, this issue would have been recalled. The NHTSA is looking to launch an investigation into those claims.

Since these reports have come to light, Tesla refers drivers to their website to notify them of any issues by using a vehicle complaint page. Tesla has recently declined further comments, but strongly encourages their drivers to report any issues with their vehicles. The NHTSA has been gathering reports and contacted Tesla to investigate these issues further.

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