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OnMyWay App Rewards Drivers for Safe Driving

Delaware car accident lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC, discuss the OnMyWay App that incentivizes distracted drivers to drive safely. Texting and driving is now the number one cause of death of people aged 17 to 25 in the United States. This is a full-fledged epidemic. One company is addressing this problem by creating positive reinforcement for refraining from texting and driving. The OnMyWay app provides monetary incentives each time a driver travels one mile without texting. When the app is activated and the car is moving over 10 miles per hour, drivers are paid five cents for every mile they travel with their phone locked. When drivers save up enough money, they can exchange their earned cash for real-life products and services, such as gas, meals, and cash deals on certain products and services.

The idea behind the app is easy; reward good driving behavior. The company bills itself as a for-profit company with a cause. Additionally, the app has come up with creative marketing pitches, such as Marathon Deals, where users can earn more money by referring friends.

Next Steps

The OnMyWay app also plans to partner with other companies who have an interest in safe driving, such as health care companies, insurance providers, and even employers who want to incentivize their employees to drive safely. This could include meal delivery or ride-share services, since these types of companies are currently expanding exponentially in the United States. Businesses who participate in the merchandizing only pay the app when a customer makes a purchase.

Driver Reaction

Many young drivers and parents are excited about the app and hope that it will help reduce texting and driving. The app will not disable music services, it will only be accessible when the car is stopped; the same is true for GPS apps on the phone. Drivers can also make and receive phone calls while the OnMyWay app is enabled if the driver is using Bluetooth, that way the driver is not engaging with the device. The app estimates that if it only has 223 users, it will prevent an accident every day, and with over 36,000 users, OnMyWay estimates that it will save one life each day.

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