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Parents Worry About Risky Teen Drivers

Delaware car accident lawyers work with parents of risky teen drivers who are injured in accidents.Parents of Delaware teens may accept that their children need certain freedoms. They rightfully worry, however, about the choices their teenagers make when it comes to getting into a car driven by another teen. After all, new drivers are statistically involved in accidents because they lack experience, perspective, and maturity.

Concerned parents cannot always protect their children from making questionable car riding decisions. Nevertheless, they can educate themselves about risky teen driving habits, talk about their concerns with their children, and set guidelines for teens tempted to get into a car with an untested driver.

New Teen Drivers in Delaware

In Delaware, teens become eligible for a first-level learner’s permit when they turn 16 years old. Before receiving the permit, the potential new driver must provide proof of completing a state-accepted training course, as well as other documentation. A sponsor, usually a parent, must sign off on the permit and agree to be held responsible for the teen’s driving choices until the teen turns 18.

The sponsor should expect to sit beside the teen driver with no more than one other passenger in the vehicle for the first six months the teen learns to drive. During this time, the sponsor is a mentor. After amassing a total of no less than 50 hours of good and bad weather driving, the teen can start driving alone or with one other passenger between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. In other words, no teen driver should ever have more than one other teen in their vehicle until they have driven for one year with a permit. After that year, permit drivers with good records can obtain a full license.

All children should respect these rules set forth by Delaware. Parents should also learn them and remind children that not following them can put everyone in harm’s way, not to mention violating the law.

Discuss Driving and Ride Sharing Concerns

In addition to knowing and talking about the legalities of new teen drivers in Delaware, parents and guardians can set aside time to discuss their concerns with their children. Having a simple, straightforward conversation helps teens know their expectations. For instance, parents can talk about what a teen can do if their friend texts while driving, drives while under the influence, drives distractedly, drives aggressively, or drives without regard to the rules of the road.

These types of discussions can help teens feel more comfortable refusing to get into cars with risky peer drivers. They can also make it easier for a child to text or call an adult to pick them up, whereas they might not feel confident otherwise. As with all prevention measures, parents can turn their worries into an opportunity to help their children make smarter decisions and avoid getting injured or killed in an accident.

Delaware Car Accident Lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC Work with Parents Whose Teens were Injured in Accidents

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