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Shocking Accident Statistics

Delaware car accident lawyers help you get compensated for becoming a shocking accident statistic.A recent Reader’s Digest article highlighted that accidents and injuries are more common than one might think. Its goal is to increase awareness, and it emphasizes that small changes can make big differences. In the article, the National Safety Council (NSC) explained that being aware of the risks present in daily life can prevent injuries and save lives. The NSC’s report noted that someone is injured by an accident every second, and a preventable fatality occurs every three minutes; causes include drownings, motor vehicle accidents, falls, and drug overdoses.

Opioid Overdoses and Drownings

Although people have a one in 103 chance of being killed in a car crash, the chance of dying from opioid overdoses is one in 96. The NSC claims that this number has risen 633 percent over the last two decades. Patients can advocate for themselves by questioning providers about their medications; if a prescription is an opioid, there may be another alternative.

About 4,000 people die from drownings every year, it being the second leading cause of unintentional death in children between the ages of one and 14. It can occur within minutes, so it is important to only swim when a lifeguard is present, and to be vigilant around young swimmers.

Car Accidents and Workplace Injuries

These accident statistics are also on the rise, with 4.5 million people being seriously injured from crashes last year. Many are caused by distracted drivers; this results in over 1,000 injuries and nine fatalities every day. The NSC also reported that workplace injuries occur every seven seconds, adding up to 12,600 injuries per day and 4.6 million a year. Three main causes of workplace injuries include slip and falls, overexertion, and being struck or otherwise injured by equipment or objects.

Infections, Crimes, and More

Around one in 25 people become seriously ill with a secondary disease while in a health care facility; this includes infections, MRSA, pneumonia, and those at highest risk include patients needing injections and surgical patients. Becoming educated about choosing the best hospital, obtaining second opinions, and following up with tests and lab results can help avoid these diseases. Other causes of accidental injuries and deaths include taking selfies in dangerous locations while driving, grill-related injuries such as fires and burns, playground injuries, hypothermia, and choking.

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