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Women More Likely to be Injured in Car Accidents

Philadelphia car accident lawyers help injured women in a crash recover compensation.A recent study has found that female car occupants have a 73 percent greater chance of being seriously injured in an accident than male occupants. The study, performed by researchers at the University of Virginia’s Center for Applied Biomechanics, was based on occupants wearing seat belts and in frontal collisions. The data collected and then analyzed were from the years 1998 to 2015, and it consisted of police reports containing crash and injury data. Additionally, the data compiled included 23,000 front-end accidents involving 31,000 occupants. Those occupants were comprised nearly equally of males and females, all over the age of 13, and did not contain any pregnant women past their first trimester.

Although automobiles have been increasingly safer throughout the years, certain areas of the body are subject to injury more so than others. In the University of Virginia’s study, researchers found that the difference of injury between the greatly affected female compared to the male are mostly the lower body extremities, although other types of injuries were noted as well. The study also revealed that occupants over the age of 66 were more likely to suffer major injuries to the chest or ribcage area in a car accident, but that might be explained by the advanced age of the occupant, where the thoracic area become more fragile.

Overall Accident Injuries Are Down

Fortunately, overall injury in a car accident has been on a downward trend as technology moves forward and vehicles are becoming increasingly safe. Chances of injury to specific areas, such as injuries to the skull, spine, knees, hips or thighs, or abdominal area, have significantly been reduced. The improvements of airbags and restraints, driver assisted systems, stronger steel and frames, and even better traffic laws have all contributed to these reduced numbers. Unfortunately, injuries to the sternum or ribcage areas have not seen a reduction.

The researchers of the study admit that there is still room for further understanding in order to explain the disparity between female and male injuries in front-end collisions. The reason itself may be a biomechanical issue found in females, but that is still unknown as well.

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