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Tips for a Safe Commute

Delaware car accident lawyers advocate for those injured in motor vehicle accidents and have tips for a safe commute.If you are among the millions of Americans commuting to work – especially during rush hour –you are on the road more often than people who do not have to drive long distances to work. That also means a greater risk of becoming involved in a traffic accident, simply because of the time element and the fact you are sharing roadways with a greater number of vehicles. There are ways to reduce the risk of car accidents during the commute, keeping drivers safer.

Commuter Vehicle

When choosing a commuting vehicle, look for features such as lane departure warnings, anti-lock brakes, blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control and 360 airbags. Also check out the car’s safety ratings so that you purchase an automobile with a good track record.

Maintain the Vehicle

Keep your car as well-maintained as possible. A well-maintained vehicle is less likely to experience a breakdown on the road.

Change the oil on a regular schedule, and check tire pressure and wear-and-tear to avoid flats and blowouts. If the car sends a warning signal, do not ignore it but have it checked immediately.

Avoid Distractions

Distracted driving is a major cause of traffic accidents and fatalities. Do not text while driving, and use only a hands-free cellphone. Distracted driving goes beyond cellphone use. Avoid eating or drinking while driving, entering GPS information, or doing anything that takes your attention away from the road.

Telecommute When Possible

Not everyone has the opportunity to telecommute to work on occasion. If that is a possibility, take advantage of it. Friday is the day of the week in which it is most common for people to telecommute, and that is also the day the largest number of drivers under the influence are out there. More DUIs occur on a Friday than any other workday.

Travel the Safest Route

As the saying goes, the race is not always to the swift. If there are several routes to choose from in getting back and forth from work, pick the safest route. While it may cost you a little extra time each day, it lowers the risk of a crash.

If there are alternative routes with the same level of safety, use them at different times. Drivers pay more attention on roads on which they are less familiar.

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