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Uber and Lyft Safety Recalls Raise Concern

Delaware Car Accident Lawyers discuss safety recalls with Uber and Lyft vehicles. Recently, Consumer Reports looked into the number of cars with drivers for Lyft and Uber that have open safety recalls which have yet to be addressed. The data is a cause for concern. Consumer Reports obtained data through an open public records request in New York City and in King County in Washington State to find that many Uber and Lyft cars providing rideshare services in New York City and Seattle have open recalls. Specifically, about 16 percent of all vehicles have recalls. That is about one in six cars.

What are Uber and Lyft Policies on Recalls?

Lyft and Uber, in general, will only restrict the use of a car under the rideshare app if the car has been deemed a “do not drive” car by the government as a result of a recall. This sort of designation is very rare. Uber says that it reminds drivers to check for safety recalls, but it does not have any further requirements.

Local Laws and Rideshare Companies

If the rideshare company is not going to address certain safety issues, it could be up to local governments to do so. For example, in Seattle, recently enacted laws require rideshare cars to be less than ten years old. Although Uber and Lyft both state that cars should be less than ten years old, Consumer Reports’ review of records shows that there were about 40 cars registered for rideshare in King County Washington that were from 2007 or older. This new law, which went into effect in March 2019, will prevent older cars from registering with the companies.

As a result of the companies neglecting to regulate whether their cars are up to date on recalls, there could be cars providing rideshare services with faulty airbags, faulty engines and problems with seatbelts. The 2011 Hyundai Sonata currently has eight recalls for vehicle defects and rideshare drivers could have conceivably ignored every single one and still be providing rides.

Although both Lyft and Uber state on their website that ridesharing through their companies provide a “peace of mind” or they hold themselves as a way for riders to “ride with confidence,” issues with safety recalls could prove otherwise. The longer that safety recalls go unaddressed, the riskier it is for passengers who unknowingly enter cars that could be recalled for minor or major safety issues. The 2011 Hyundai Sonata has a recall on it right now related to engine failure as a result of metal scraps that could be caught in the engine as a result of a manufacturing error. Engine failure at a high rate of speed could be putting riders and drivers in jeopardy and should be addressed immediately.

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