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“Operation Cool Down” a Success

Delaware Car Accident Lawyers discuss Opration Cool Down in an effort to raise awareness of disctracted driving and other reckless driving behaviors. Police in one city in Delaware took a unique approach to addressing distracted driving and may have surprised some drivers in the city. In order to catch unsuspecting distracted drivers in the city of Seaford, the local police coordinated with the Delaware Office of Highway Safety to conduct “Operation Cool Down” with the mission to make the roadways in Seaford a safer place to travel.

“Operation Cool Down” Nuts and Bolts

The police department employed non-traditional policing methods and deployed plain clothed officers in unmarked cars in the community to look for distracted drivers. The unmarked cars were usually either utility vehicles, sedans or even construction trucks. If the plain clothed officers spotted a distracted driver, the officer would then contact a uniformed officer in a marked car with the license plate and the description of the car where the violation occurred. Although the campaign was designed to fight distracted driving in general, it mainly resulted in enforcing violations associated with cell phone usage.

Outcome of the Operation Cool Down

In total, 114 drivers were issued cell phone violations in the two-month period between June and July 2019. The second highest number of citations involved moving violations with 89 of those cited, as well as 41 seatbelt citations. Finally, there were two wanted person apprehensions, two child restraint citations, two drug arrests and one speeding citation issued during that time frame as a result of Operation Cool Down. Officers are hoping that this raises awareness in the community regarding the consequences of unsafe driving.

Precursor to Operation Cool Down

Operation Cool Down was put into effect as a result of 80 service calls regarding distracted driving complaints in a three-month period in Seaford. Out of those 80 service calls, nearly 70 of them involved aggressive or speeding drivers as well. Other complaints concerned drivers who passed school buses when it was prohibited. These complaints were not unfounded since also during that time frame there were 165 complaints regarding motor vehicle crashes during that same timeframe in Seaford, Delaware.

Who Received Violations during Operation Cool Down?

This operation was also put into effect in response to the sharp increase in traffic in Seaford in the summer months. However, it is also interesting to note that most of the citations were issued during the evening rush hours between four and eight o’clock in the evening. This fact suggests that it could have been more daily commuters who were the recipients of the citations and not necessarily people visiting the city from out of town, but that information is unknown at this time. The operation likely curbed car accidents during the time it was in effect and if residents are aware of the program and that it could be revived, it could serve to reduce car accidents in the future.

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